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Swim Season is Upon us

“You yell ‘barracuda,’ everyone says ‘what?’ you yell ‘shark,’ we’ve got a panic on our hands” is what Mayor Larry told Martin Brody. But no one told Martin Brody what happens when you yell “Buccaneer!” 

The 2021-2022 Beloit Buccaneer swim season is finally upon us after a long awaited off-season. The first meet was last Saturday on Oct. 30 in Lawrence. It was safe to say that there were no sharks in the water, but some hard-competing Buccaneers were everywhere to be seen. 

The Bucs won six events, led by the men’s team with individual wins from Tenajh Gaitor ’22 and Camden Leonard ’23. They were followed up the sails by Nate Sill ’23 and Ethan Casler ’25, who both grabbed second place finishes. No one was telling those guys they had some bad hats on.

The Round Table spoke to Sill briefly before the swim meet. “We’re super excited for the season, and energy has been high.” he told us. Great stuff to hear from the team early on! As it seems you go in the water, the cage goes in the water, and not a shark but a Buccaneer gets in the water with you. 

For the women’s side of the meet, Kaya Martin ’25 won the 100 meter freestyle thwarting any attackers. Also for the women Maclaryn Leonard ’25 won the 50 meter freestyle.

The women’s team was missing a key piece in senior Makenna Downing ’22 who was too busy helping the school clinch a spot at the women’s soccer tournament. However, she too is a shark in the pool. The Round Table spoke to her about the upcoming season. 

Downing said “I’m just grateful to be back in the pool and competing! I’m excited to be able to race again and hopefully work on some personal bests in my races, and enjoy every second I have left with the team.”  The Round Table also asked her what made swimming special to her. She said “You get to compete as an individual, against the clock, but you also get to compete as a team and push each other everyday to become a better swimmer.”

Beloit finished 2nd in the 1v1 meet. However, the team looks like the team that set out to kill the mighty shark Jaws. The upperclassmen are like Quint having gone through the rigor of the season before. The sophomores have the brains of Matt Hooper, and know what to expect but they have been through the wear and tear of the uppers. Finally it comes down to the freshmen, the Martin Brody’s who bring fresh blood into this season, and keep the competition alive in practice for those seniors. 

I can guarantee you the beaches will be safe this year, but you better watch those pools for our Buccaneers. 


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