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Sig Haunted House Review

“Sigma Chi’s Haunted Hospital”, printed in a red, spooky font was plastered around campus and took over Instagram and Snapchat stories. This past Saturday night, Sigma Chi put on a haunted house with a hospital theme, which according to their poster, has “insane prisoners, evil nurses, butchers, AND MORE…” leaving the reader wondering what other spooky horrors await, and also what butchers have to do with a hospital. 

On Saturday night, a crowd gathered on the grass by the fraternity’s back porch. The costume-clad college students clambered to get in line to register for the event, bombarding Mitchell Wright, the Sig member who was in charge of sign ups. He handed out waivers for students to sign before they walked into the depths of Sig’s basement. 

The doors of the bulkhead creaked open and groups of five students were led down stone steps, ducking under the low entrance. There, a man in a plague doctor’s mask introduced the haunted hospital and showed the group to the curtained doorway, from which emanated the sound of children creepily singing nursery rhymes. Colored lights illuminated the house with an eerie glow, and students walked into the flowing streamers covering the door, into the foggy unknown. 

The path through the haunted house was winding. It went up and down stairs, through hallways and corridors, with each twist containing a new scene of horror. The screams of the actors followed students walking through the house. People would jump out from behind doors, shake homemade prison bars, and scream as people walked by. 

There were people in pig masks, miming cutting off someone’s hand. There was a girl with long dark hair sitting in the corner of the walkway, surprising anyone who turned the corner. There were people bloodied and battered, people with weapons, and people lunging out. 

The haunted house did contain some interesting aspects, like people laying on the floor. 

“There was this dude just fully laying flat on the ground. We had to step over him,” said Flora Milford’24. 

“I think I stepped on someone,” said Amanda Langford’24. 

Overall, Sigman Chi’s Haunted Hospital was a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit. It was well done, fairly spooky, and props to them for taking over their entire house with decorations. One difficult aspect about the haunted house was the directions on how to actually maneuver through the house. The tape arrows on the floor were difficult to understand and led people in the wrong direction. 

“The arrows just weren’t on the ground anymore and we started going the wrong way,” said Emilia Castellana’24.  

One other confusing aspect was the very end of the haunted house. Students walked down the stairs to the main entrance of Sig, where there were a few actors but nothing incredibly scary, but there was a light flashing through the darkness that seemed like someone was taking pictures. That person would probably get better photos if they went to a scarier part of the house. That detail is almost inconsequential and did not affect the actual haunted house. It would have been great, however, if they had taken advantage of their own chant and had ghostly frat boys saying “We Sigma Chi’d until we died.”

It was a good time, and something fun to do on Saturday night. It was also for a good cause. Ticket prices were five dollars per person, and all the profit is going to the Hunstman Cancer Foundation. 


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