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Incentives of Modernizing Beloit’s Water System

Since 2011, Beloit’s water resources division has worked to replace water transmitters for approximately 15,500 properties in order for the city to monitor water usage, give out readings of water consumption, and identify problems in the overall system. But some residents in Beloit are still at risk of having their water lines being shut off if they don’t take the necessary precautions and steps to schedule an appointment to upgrade their water meters, as the city nears a decade-long transition of modernizing their water system.

The city currently is on a hard deadline of installing new water transmitters on all remaining properties that have yet to make that switch by Jan. 1. Currently, almost 93% of properties have scheduled appointments to have their transmitters replaced and new equipment being installed. However, the remaining 7%, which is about 1,230 properties, still need to make that change. In the last six months, the city has created incentives to notify property residents and property owners to implement this new change in order to not cause any further disruptions in the system as the new transmitters will allow the city to better monitor the overall water supply system and help them identify any problems that will occur in the future. As the old operating system was maintained by a third-party provider, this will cause many homeowners to have disruptions with their water supply around Jan. 1. All of it will be shut down which could cause some residents to see a sudden steep rise in their water bill.

Water service cutoffs are allowed by the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, so if residents do not make any prior appointments by Nov. 1, they will be subjected to disconnection of their water service. But disconnection will not happen if a property will be notified within a 10-day window ahead of any sudden disruption in the system. 

So, those with any future appointments can expect all staff that deals with water resources to have a City of Beloit identification badge and a uniform with the city logo while also driving a City of Beloit marked vehicle. If any of those things are missing, residents should call the Rock County non-emergency number at 608-757-2244 to report suspicious activity to law enforcement.

Residents should call 608-364-2888 to schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment within 24 hours of the appointment time.

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