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Cross Country Conference Meet Results

The cross country teams had their conference meet this past Saturday in Ripon. This was their first postseason meet as they have regionals next weekend. For regionals, the top seven runners from both the men’s and women’s team get to compete. 

On the women’s side it was Lexy Olson ’23 who finished first among the Bucs with a time of 27:36.51, overall she would finish 45 out of 88 runners. Also finishing, in this order, for the Bucs were Carter Browne ’25, Marianna Carus ’24, Maggie Baugh ’22. Josie Czuj ’25, Charlotte Bretz ’23 and Montana McMahon ’22. With these finishes, Beloit would finish last in the standings.

On the men’s side it was Alexandre Atou ’24 who was the first Beloiter to finish with a time of 31:17.13. He finished 66 out of 93 runners. The next Beloiters who finished were Aiden Cortinas ’25, Owen Eichfeld ’25, Christian Bowers ’25, Christain Martinez-Zendejas ’24 and Zachary Cranna ’22. The men would also finish last in the standings as well.

Despite the last place finishes for both squads, there is nothing to hang their heads about, it’s all about competing and doing your best. The Round Table spoke to Bowers in an email interview where he told us “I improved my 8k time from the start of the year… I had to learn how to pace and to run a strategic 8k.” Considering he did improve his time, it’s safe to say Bowers figured out how to run strategically. 

Bowers can credit that to his coach, “I like how our coach has been giving these workouts designed to make us faster, but also giving us recovery runs to prevent us runners from getting injured.” Stress fractures, unfortunately, are a common injury for cross country and track runners, as they do the same movements everyday. Allowing your body time to recover is instrumental in preventing those injuries.

Cross country is more individual than team. Yes, you want to finish and get points for your team, but at the end of the day you are trying to beat your previous time. So while teamwork may not be a huge part of cross country, it’s still important. “They like to bring the team together by hosting activities, such as movie night,” Bowers said about the seniors because just like any other sport, you are spending so much time with them, you might as well enjoy their company. 

As the season winds down and the offseason approaches the returners start to look to see where they can improve. “My offseason goals are to focus on techniques to run faster. Incorporate tempo runs into my training, get stronger and take a trip somewhere to train at high altitudes,” Browners added. He finished the quote by saying he hopes to bring his team some more wins next year. That is entirely possible, all but one of the men’s runners are returning. On the women’s side, they don’t lose much more, they will only graduate three runners of their ten.


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