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What You Should Be For Halloween Based on Your Major

Halloween is coming up in just a few days, causing procrastinators to scramble for a last minute costume. If you put off getting a costume just like you put off writing that discussion post; don’t be boring this Halloween and dress as a cat or simply throw on a jersey over a sweatshirt. Choose something a little more unique and personalized. Here is what you should be for Halloween based on your major. 

Geology majors who want to rock a classic outfit that takes very little effort can go as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. All this costume takes is a black turtleneck and blue jeans, plus some key accessories. A gold chain and a black fanny pack are essential. Add a watch and a black belt and you will effortlessly pull off The Rock’s fit and send shockwaves around campus. 

There are a couple simple costumes that philosophy majors can pull off with only a few days before Halloween. One option is to dress as Matt Tedesco. All you need is a pair of Chacos, Tevas or other sandals, a pair of cargo pants, and a polo shirt. Philosophy majors can also throw on a white bedsheet, tie it to make a toga, and go as any number of famous Greek philosophers: Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, and Socrates just to name a few. 

For science majors, like biology or chemistry, a mad scientist is the way to go. A lab coat, a pair of goggles, wild hair, and a crazed look in your eyes is all you need for this costume. You could also grab a beaker and use it as your cup for the night, and make all your drinks look extra toxic. Bonus points if you get one of your friends to dress up as Frankenstein’s monster. If you add a black turtleneck under your lab coat and throw on some dark khakis, you can go as Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, the evil scientist from “Phineas and Ferb.” 

Media studies majors have a few different options. For those who like to tell everyone they watch movies, how about Uma Thurman from “Pulp Fiction”? Black pants, a white button down, and a black bobbed wig with bangs is all you need to make sure everyone knows that you are into films. Media studies majors can also dress up as a news reporter. With windswept hair, leaves stuck all over, and a broken umbrella; you can dress up as someone reporting outside in stormy weather. 

Education majors could dress up as a school teacher many of us know from our childhoods: Ms. Frizzle. A colorful, knee-length skater dress with images of planets and stars on it, and some curly hair is all you need for this costume. 

Psychology majors can dress up as everyone’s favorite 18th century psychologist. For Sigmund Freud, a white beard and three piece suit is all you need, and with the addition of a cigar you will capture the essence of Freud. This costume is especially fun as it allows you to psychoanalyze your friends all night. Feel free to let them know exactly why they act the way they do. Hint: it’s because of their parents. 

Smokey the Bear is a great option for environmental studies majors. This is an easy costume. All you need is a pair of blue jeans and a hat labeled “Smokey”, as well as the bear’s iconic shovel. You can also make a sign reading “Only YOU can prevent forest fires” for an extra touch. 

A light colored button down, a pair of blue jeans, and a curly wig makes a great Bob Ross costume for those majoring in Art. Add some paint brushes, a canvas or paint palette, and a couple squirrels to really sell it. 

Theater majors can dress up as Alexander Hamilton. You know you want to. 

Stop procrastinating, go out there and be the best costumed person on campus this Halloween. 

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