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The Return of Beloit TV

This week, I sat down on Zoom with Jonathon Kelley, the station manager of Beloit Cable Access Television, to get the 411 on the return of Beloit TV programming. Kelley informed me that by the end of the semester, it is anticipated that the station will have 12 recurring programs. These programs are a mix of student content, live broadcasts, and even a program produced by Kelley himself! A goal of Kelley’s is to revive interest in Beloit TV across campus.

Since the 1980s, Beloit Cable Access Television has been broadcasting on Charter cable station 992. Since its launch, there have been phases of immense popularity, as well as phases of disinterest; Kelley hopes that this year will solidify popularity for years to come. In the two years he has been at Beloit, Kelley has worked with a number of students to produce educational programming. Another interesting thing to note is that Beloit Cable Access Television covers board meetings for the city council and broadcasts these live. There are, however, plenty of opportunities for creative programming.

For a student to get their own primetime programming slot on Beloit Cable Access Television, they would need to enroll in Kelley’s Television Practicum course, which is listed as a 300 level Media Studies class. There are no prerequisites to the course. Furthermore, there is a Media Studies 301 class that succeeds the Television Practicum course; both of these are offered every semester. Some of the student content, though, asks for auditions from other students; for instance, Veeka Malanchuk ‘24, an Education major, auditioned to anchor on a news program created by one of Kelley’s students. Kelley expressed that he encourages students from all academic disciplines to get involved with Beloit TV. 

Broadcasts are primarily viewed via television channel 992, and can be viewed up to 30 miles outside of Beloit in either direction. There is a website ( where broadcasts are available for viewing, as well as a YouTube channel (Beloit_TV). The channel is never off-air; it runs 24 hours a day for 365 days per year. Beloit Cable Access Television is easily accessible, which Kelley hopes will help to generate interest in the programming. Programming across the channel varies in terms of production processes; some are live, while others are pre-recorded and post-produced prior to their aridate. 

To get involved with Beloit Cable Access Television, pick up one of the classes, says Kelley. Kelley will also be adding a Cinematic Review course to his schedule next semester. The television program at Beloit College is blossoming, and Kelley is determined to maintain this growth. Furthermore, students are encouraged to come down to the CELEB building downtown to check out the studio. 

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