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The 411 on ‘You’ Season 3

Gen Z’s favorite fictional serial killer is back and… tamer than ever. Netflix’s hit original series, “You,” returned with its third season on Oct. 15, and the internet is brimming with spoilers, memes, and theories. Like the previous two seasons, the newest addition to “You” is just as binge-worthy, and keeps viewers guessing up until the very last second. Here are some things I think should be known before you dive into season three of “You.”

Picking up roughly a year after the events of season two, Joe (Penn Badgely) and his new wife, Love (Victoria Pedretti), move to the suburbs. The two have a baby named Henry, and appear to be a content, young, suburban couple. If only the people of their suburb, Madre Linda, knew. In fact, in a scene wherein Love and Joe attend couple’s counseling, the therapist says to the duo, “you two are many things, but you are not murderers.” The therapist may have been on to something.

Joe’s body count is significantly lower in this season compared to previous seasons. After the birth of Henry, Joe vows to turn over a new leaf in order to give his son a secure and happy life. Joe did not have this, so he is determined to break the cycle of bad parenting. He settles into a job at the local library and Love opens up her own bakery. What a happy couple, right? Wrong.

Throughout the season, each unit of this murderous duo turns their gaze elsewhere; for one of them, this happens twice. What makes this season so unique is the suburban setting and the everyday drama that serves as the backdrop for the more grisly content. This season also utilizes a terrific ensemble cast. A few of the most colorful citizens of Madre Linda include the duo of Sherry (Shalita Grant) and Cary (Travis Van Winkle) Conrad, an arrogant hipster couple, Theo Engler (Dylan Arnold), a precocious college sophomore, and Dottie Quinn (Saffron Burrows), Love’s toxic mother. 

Season three also introduces a new leading lady, Marienne, played excellently by Tati Gabrielle. It elated me that a mixed race woman was chosen for this role! One issue I have had with “You” is that prior to season three, there were little to no characters of color. Marienne is my favorite new character in the series since she is classy, intelligent, dynamic, and has a painfully realistic backstory. Gabrielle’s portrayal of Marienne definitely made her a scene-stealer throughout the season. There is not much else I can say about Marienne without spoiling!

Although Joe’s murder count is low in this season, he is still just as creepy as always and this is why we love him. Even moving to the suburbs and settling down could not quell Joe Goldberg’s hunger (and skill) for stalking. What makes matters worse this season is that he is married with a child, yet still up to his usual shenanigans. We do, however, learn so much more about Joe’s upbringing, which really aids viewers in understanding the sickness of his character. You may even empathize with him. 

Love, on the other hand, as we witnessed in season two, is ruthless and coldhearted. While she proves herself to be a great mother this season, she too has difficulty keeping her jealousy at bay. However, Love does undergo some serious character development; most notably, she begins to doubt her beauty and sex appeal. Crazy as she is (and she gets insane this season), Love is still one of the series’ strongest, most compelling characters.

Initially, the season starts off relatively slowly. It is almost boring for the first couple of episodes. Things seem predictable until about the fourth or fifth episode where things really begin to spiral out of control for not only the Quinn-Goldberg family, but the citizens of Madre Linda. It is in the tenth and final episode of the season where the ball drops.This episode is full of enough twists and turns to last a season. Nothing in season three is truly as it seems, and the most important thing to remember while watching it is that there is a constant game of cat and mouse going on. You’ll have to watch to figure out who is playing.


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