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Tattoo Interview

The Round Table got the opportunity to sit down with Emma Stoner’22 to have a chat about one of her tattoos, a beautiful work which represents the bond between a mother and daughter.The style is super unique, consisting of basic line work with a splash of color which really catches your attention. I wanted to ask her about this particular tattoo because I’d never seen anything like it, and am glad I finally got the chance to go more in depth with her about the nature of this piece. 

RT: What is the tattoo of?

Emma: The tattoo is half of a matcher with my mom. Mine is a girl holding a can phone to her mouth, and my mom’s is a girl holding a can phone to her ear. They look like us, mine has brown hair and hers has grey hair.

RT: What was the decision process like?

Emma: My mom and I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for a while, but where I’m from, if you’re under 18 even with the consent of a parent, you can’t get a tattoo. We decided to get the tattoo’s together to celebrate my 18th birthday and also as a going away thing, since I was leaving for college the next day.

RT: Was this your first tattoo?

Emma: This was. It was a lot easier than I expected it to be, in my head I had kinda worked it up to be this crazy painful thing. It was actually a really fun day, and the girl who did the tattoo was so sweet. I actually still have the stencils. It was my first tattoo, but according to my mom it was her last tattoo.

RT: Do you have siblings? Does your mom have matching tattoos with any other of them?

Emma: My mom only has a tattoo with me, not with any of my siblings. 

RT: Do you have any other matching tattoos?

Emma: Yeah I have one with my sister.

RT: Where did you get it?

Emma:  Dead Set Ink in Kenosha, WI. The artist was named Hannah Copeskey (@inkbyhannah). She was so sweet, she squeezed us in at the last minute because the guy that was originally gonna do the tattoos didn’t show up.

RT: Do you have any other color tattoos?

Emma: This is my only color tattoo, all my others are black and white.

RT: Did you notice a difference in the pain levels or healing process between this color tattoo and your black and white ones?

Emma: In getting my other tattoos there was no difference, I never got an ink sack, there was never a problem with the peeling process. The only difference that I have noticed is that it’s faded a lot quicker than my other ones whereas my black and white ones are still super vibrant. 

RT: How many do you have?

Emma: Five. 

RT: Since this was your first, how was the healing process for you?

Emma: I knew nothing about the healing process before getting the tattoo, and I had worked up the pain in my head so much that I didn’t even consider the healing process, didn’t even really think it was going to be a thing. So I was surprised when it scabbed up and started to peel, but my artist was super nice about it and she gave me a little tube of vaseline and talked me through the process. 

RT: Do you get a lot of complements on it?

Emma: It’s my most commented on tattoo, people always ask me about it.

RT: Who designed it?

Emma: My mom and I wanted to get something that would connect somehow rather than just two tattoos that looked the same. We saw a woman on the street that had something super similar, it wasn’t the girl on the phone but it was super similar. So we added the can phone to it. Hannah drew it out for us when we got there, and we loved it. She was originally not gonna have hands or feet, but then as the artist was doing the tattoo my mom was like ‘i love it but can we add hands or feet, or else I’m gonna add them on with a sharpie everyday’.

RT: Have you ever regretted it?

Emma: I’ve never regretted this tattoo. My dad was really against it, but he was really worried because it is the one that shows the most, and if I was planning to go into the medical field it was a bit concerning. I’m not crazy concerned though because there’s nothing vulgar on it, and there aren’t any words. 

RT: Do you think you’re going to get more in the future?

Emma: Yes. The next one I’m planning will be a graduation gift to myself. It’s gonna be of the birdhouse I was restoring during quarantine, which was my grandpas.

RT: Anything else you want to mention about it or any of your other tattoos? 

Emma: All of my tattoos have a story behind them, I thought about all of them a lot before I got them. Also the lips on both ladies are a little heart.

The line work is super crisp, with color packed in at just the right places. Tattoos with this more contemporary style stand in stark contrast to harsher, more traditional styles of tattooing. In my opinion, something bigger, darker, or bulkier would not have melded as well with Emma’s personality. This is just one of the many unique and amazing tattoos that can be found across Beloit campus, and if you have a fun tattoo that you’d be willing to talk about, email to set up an interview.

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