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Rock County Covid-19 Cases Flatten but Hospitalizations Increase

The Rock County Public Health Department has continued to urge people to get vaccinated as Covid-19 hospitalizations in Rock County are almost twice as high as they were last year at this time. 

   Health department officials announced on Sept. 16 during a media briefing that two-thirds of all intensive car unit beds in Rock County are full. September hospitalizations have been higher than previous months. 

   According to the Beloit Daily News, “ Hospitals and healthcare facilities in 14 counties throughout south central Wisconsin are experiencing a high volume of in-patients in intensive care units (ICU), general medical floors and emergency departments.” 

   This may lead to Southern Wisconsin residents having to travel further for healthcare and having trouble receiving healthcare closer to home. 

   19 patients are receiving care in Rock County hospitals due to Covid-19. Mid September last year, the average number of hospitalizations due to Covid-19 was at 11. The average this year is 19 to 20 in Rock County. 

   “That’s much higher than we would like going into flu season,” said Administrative Services Supervisor Seth Loncar to the Beloit Daily News. 

   The daily number of patients receiving inpatient care for Covid-19 at Rock County hospitals peaked last year mid November with 74 cases. 

   Rock County accounts for roughly 2.6% of Wisconsin’s overall laboratory confirmed case total with 18,082 in Rock County and 690,539 in Wisconsin.

   As a result of numbers increasing once more, some employers are requiring employees to be vaccinated. Beloit Health System President and CEO, Tim McKevett, said they are requiring vaccinations for their Illinois workers. 

   It is unclear as to whether Wisconsin Beloit Health System employees will be required to receive vaccinations. 

   According to the Beloit Daily News, Mercyhealth announced they will fine employees who do not get vaccinated this past Friday. The fee will range from $60 to $265 a month depending on employee pay. 

   As of Sept. 18, 2021, the Beloit College Covid-19 Dashboard states there are 0 students and faculty in quarantine or isolation. Currently the college is on alert level Purple, the most lenient alert level. 

   Majority of faculty are teaching on campus and most staff have returned to campus. Students are allowed to gather while continuing to remain safe and follow protective practices. Masks are required indoors on campus but are not required outdoors. The one exception is students not being required to wear masks in one’s room. 

   The Beloit College Covid-19 Taskforce has been monitoring the virus closely throughout the College and County. 

   They make their decisions based on the following criteria posted on the Beloit College Covid-19 Dashboard: 

On the Beloit campus:

  • – New positive cases per week
  • – Number of healthy community members in quarantine
  • – Number of community members in isolation
  • – Availability of COVID testing
  • – Teaching and learning capacity
  • – Ability to provide Essential Services
  • – Campus Compliance with Protective Practices

In the region:

  • – 7-Day average of new cases in Rock & Winnebago Counties
  • – Total COVID Hospitalizations in Rock County
  • – Local, State and Federal Mandates

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