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Knox Knox Knoxing on Beloit’s Door

Welcome to the jungle. The jungle being the Midwest conference as last Saturday both our men’s and women’s soccer teams dropped games against Knox College. The Blazing Fox’s were treating our teams like a sweet child of mine. However, don’t cry as there is a lot of conference season left, and paradise city still could be reached for our Buccaneers. 

The Women’s team competed in a close match in the first game of the brisk homecoming Saturday. They ended up losing 1-0, on a goal that was scored in the 34th minute of play. The story of the season for the Buccaneers has been their astute goalkeeping, giving up less than a goal a game. 

The problem was not an offensive game or our aggression. We were just outplayed on that end of the field. The Buccaneers had only three shots on goal compared to the Blazing Foxes six. Scoring has been a problem over the last two games, not eclipsing a goal in either games. 

This problem will have to be ironed out as coming up next week Tuesday and Sunday is Lake Forest, and Grinnell College. Lake Forest has a respectable 6-4, and Grinnell a poor record at 2-7. Nothless each cofence victory is a key to getting into the conference tournament. Not getting into the tournament would most likely bring November rain. 

As the women lost 0-1, the men did not have the same favor, losing 0-4 to these Foxes that are blazing. Knox is a worthy opponent who came into this match with a 4-4 record on the season. As we’ve previously mentioned, conference games only get harder, and harder. The men’s team has been like a toddler’s diaper. On a huge skid for those of you who did not get the reference. In their last six they are 1-3-1, after starting out the year 2-1. This has dropped their record on the season to 3-4-1. 

They have explosive players all over the field, the team is just filled with younger players. Some may point out that the normal PA guy has missed a couple of games. Others may point out that they have a first year head coach. Nonetheless the guys are still behind him, and are not giving up hope. This is a resilient bunch, who are “hella” fun to watch I may add. 

The men have the same schedule as the girls upcoming this week. They have a Foresters first up on Tuesday who are only 2-9 on the season. Not to call any game a dub, especially in this tough conference, but a win is much needed. After that Tuesday game they take on the Pioneers who are only 4-5 on the season. Winnable games for our young Bucs. 

The games next week on Tuesday are away but the one on Saturday is at the Beautiful Strong Stadium Complex. Come out and support our rockers! 


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