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Celebrating the Oncoming Fall Season with Poetry

The community of Beloit College gathered around the poetry garden on Friday to kick off the fall season with autumn inspired poems and an assortment of fall favorite treats. The event was hosted by the English Department. Tamara Ketabgian, a professor and Chair of the English Department, had the honor of introducing several students who shared their own poetry or fall favorites from prominent English poets. The purpose of the event was to bring together students appreciating the art of literature and “celebrating the roots of Earth with poetry,” Ketabgian said. 

The beginning of the event started with those in the English department, as well as poet lovers, gathering around the poetry garden enjoying apple cider, hot chocolate, and apple cider donuts. Ketabgian started off the round of poets by reciting one of her fall favorites by John Keats “To Autumn.” Other faculty members joined in reciting some of their favorites and original pieces. One of them being Chris Fink, Professor of English who also serves as the Chair of Environmental Studies. Fink read an original piece capturing his exciting plumbing crisis that he experienced over the course of fall break. Fink was not the only one from his family who went up and read an original piece. His daughter, Iris Fink read a wonderful poem capturing the essence of the fall season. 

A few of the Round Table staff members also made an appearance reciting their own poems. Autumn Green, a sophomore, is the Round Table’s Arts Editor. Green shared a piece touching on seasonal depression and also talked about the sense of nostalgia one feels during this time of the year. Overall the sense of nostalgia, self-care and changing leaves were recurring themes presented by speakers. 

Another one of the Round Table’s staff members, Mushfique Tanzim Ahmed read a poem he had written called “Winter Goats,” which talked about goats in winter clothing. Goats being symbolic to Ahmed based on where he is from. He also mentioned the difference of fall here in Wisconsin and back home and how this is more considered winter weather for him. His story was unique and fun to hear as the visual descriptions of goats in winter clothes was funny to hear about. 

The event was organized by Rhiannon Keen and Toryn Seeberger, both seniors working for the World Affair Center on campus. Part of their tasks working for the department was to organize an event for the community. Keen was especially happy by the turn out of the event. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw so many new faces in attendance. People could be seen standing towards the back just to hear the captivating words recited by their fellow colleagues.

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