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C-Haus Can Be More Than Just a Bar

C-Haus. The campus bar. Closed for Covid, never to be open again. Why? Especially when the Powerhouse is fully functioning, and people are crammed in at lunch and breakfast, not wearing masks because they are eating. Rush events were allowed to happen, along with parties and get-togethers. But why isn’t C-Haus open? C-Haus is a space built by students, for students, and the closing of it has hampered Beloit spirit. The creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness that Beloit was so well known for has tumbled down the drain. What spaces on campus are conducive to fostering the creative arts? What spaces are available to play instruments, sing, read aloud poetry and writings? The Powerhouse is a great athletic facility, but it is a place to eat, do homework, and work out, not foster creativity. It is a white box with no artistic space. With the slow phasing out of specialty houses, the lack of interest in the Round Table, and the closing of C-Haus, the college is very quickly losing what made it Beloit. Why is the administration keeping it closed? If they are concerned about the fact that it has the label of “campus bar”, why not change it? Make it a space that has many uses, not just to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night, but a place people can go any night of the week. 

C-Haus could be used for open mic nights. People could go and read poetry or monologues or anything else they have crafted or want to perform. This would be a great use of the space, as it probably would not be a huge crowd, and therefore more Covid safe. 

Students could use it as a music venue. They could practice there and then put on shows for other students. It would be a good way to encourage musically inclined students to showcase their talents. Utilizing the space and giving people a venue would make it easier for them to participate in music and performing arts. 

The space can also be used for activities that are not necessarily bar themed. There could be trivia nights or karaoke nights, or themed nights. It would help create a sense of community on campus again, and introduce students to each other and make new connections. Especially after a year and a half of online learning, students are yearning to meet new people. 

If the kitchen is renovated, C-Haus could also be another food option. After DK’s and Java closed, students need another place on campus to grab a snack. It could be a late night option, and would also employ student workers. A late-night campus snack bar, especially on the residential side of campus, would be beneficial to anyone up late studying, athletes who come back from games and practices later than 8:00 pm, and every student who is hungry but missed the time to go to Commons or Hamiltons. 

This space could also be another place for students to hang out on campus, especially in the winter. Winters in the Midwest seem to last forever, and students could go to C-Haus to see their friends outside of a dorm lounge. 

The reopening of C-Haus would open opportunities for students to enhance their creativity, as well as create job opportunities on campus. Beloit has willing and able student workers who want to keep the space open. So why isn’t it? 

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