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Buccaneer Boy and Girl

Anyone can ask Tommy Callahan if doing things on the road are difficult. Whether it be selling brake pads or winning soccer games, it is a tough task. For the men’s and women’s soccer teams this year that has been especially tough. Going a combined 1-6-5 on the road. Neither team is able to compete as well as they do in Beloit. Who can blame them as Tommy had a tough time being away from Callahan Auto Industry. However, both teams are in different places within their respective seasons. 

The men’s team is in a similar situation to Richard. They have a talented group of kids, and a first year head coach. What’s their issue? It’s time. Coming off a Covid stricken year and only hiring a new coach in the summer. Richard’s issue is that he was stuck with Tommy. Both are talent groups but once they learn how to work together, they can be a dynamic duo. Once the team finally gels it’s a scary team to watch out for. Almost like when Tommy gained his confidence at the diner. 

The Round Table spoke with one of the member’s on the team in Connor Waldron’23. Being a team that is 4-8-1, it looked bleak. The Round Table asked him what the team had to play for. He said “executing our game plan in the remaining games. So we can build on it and have momentum going into the offseason, and next season.” Waldron is not as lucky as Tommy, as Tommy went to school for seven years, and next year will be his senior season. After a big win on Saturday against Mommuth, the first road win of the year for either team, that direction seems to be going the right way. 

On the other hand the girls are in the complete opposite directions. The equivalent would be Tommy selling tons of brake pads. As they are in the hunt for the final seed in the Midwest Conference tournament. They are currently in fifth place, and the tie on Saturday, Oct 23 with Momunth does not do them any favors. Momnumth and Lawrence are currently both tied for fourth. 

Luckily for the Buccaneers they have a head to head match up with the Vikings of Lawrence. On the negative side it is in Appelton, and the women Buccaneers have yet to win a game on the road. This is like matching up Tommy with Richard. As the Buc’s aren’t maniacs, they do have a solid coach who will prep them for big games. The Buccaneer’s beating Lawrence would almost be as good as Tommy saving the company from his step mom and Zalinsky. 

With two games left in the season, you can watch the women’s game on the Beloit page against Lawrence Oct 26. The men and women have their last home game this Saturday, Oct 30. Senior day for the boys! Make sure to show out, or you’ll be living in a van down by the river.  The Rock River that is. 

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