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Beloit College Ranks Top 10 For Most Innovative Liberal Arts College Second Year in a Row

According to new rankings by U.S. News and World Report, Beloit College has been ranked in the top 10 for most innovative liberal arts colleges in the country! This is the second consecutive year the college has been ranked in the top 10 for this category. For the 2022 Best Colleges rankings, Beloit College ranked ninth. 

The U.S. News and World Reports uses a variety of indicators to determine the ranks of colleges. In the 2022 rank, Beloit College has received a total of six rankings.

Beloit College also ranked high in other categories such as First-Year Experience, Undergraduate Teaching, and Best Value. Recently the college has started implementing new programs that intend on strengthening college and career connections as well as implementing internships, community-based learning, and alumni mentoring. These new reimagined programs are to help future graduates into successful careers. 

On the Beloit College website, ‘The Beloit Action Plan: Education that Works’ is highlighted to show the public how the school has responded to the needs of its students. The plan began the process of reinventing its ways of accessibility towards academic flexibility, mentoring, advising and affordability when we all found ourselves in unprecedented times due to the coronavirus. As a result of the pandemic the college has redirected its focus and resources towards connecting students with alumni to assist them in their desired careers and paths. 

Beloit’s Action Plan emphasizes five different programs they are refocusing on this academic year. The first one encourages students to utilize the career center on campus. The center has been reimagined with a new space, director and name; Career Works. The hope for this reimagined space is to build close relationships with their students that begin early in their college careers and will last well after that.

The college also invites students to join a career channel. These channels let students join as early as their first year, in a community filled with peers, faculty, alumni, and outside experts based on a relative field. When joining a channel this gives opportunities to the student in the form of outside resources, internship, field experience, mentors and the general sense of broadening their vision of their futures.

One of the newer programs is the Career Accelerator. A program that is designed to help students identify, pursue and secure their (realistic) professional dreams. Career Accelerator offers a two week opportunity of workshops, panels, and chances for networking. It also offers personalized guidance from successful alumnus in a wide range of fields. 

Beloiters Helping Beloiters (BHB) was a positive outcome as a result of the pandemic. Beloit’s website says this program started as a lifeline for seniors during a global pandemic but now is a formal program. This allows for seniors, who are at a crucial point in their personal and professional life, to be matched up with Beloit alumni to get personalized guidance in their respective field. 

The Power Grid is one of the last programs listed in Beloit’s Action Plan. The Power Grid is an organized group of alumni and friends of the college who are successful in professional industries that students are interested in. Reiteratively the target with this program is to connect students with excelled alumni. 

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