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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The Beloit Snappers hosted the South Bend Cubs on Wednesday Sept 8. They also hosted Beloit College students. Students received an email the week prior about signing up for free Snappers tickets. It seemed only a handful took advantage. But hey, that is better than nobody. If I had to guess, there were about 15 students that I saw. 

The gates opened about an hour before the 7:05 first pitch. I walked in as early as I could to take in the brand new stadium. As I’m walking around I hear on the loudspeakers, “throwing out the ceremonial first pitch, Beloit College Dean of Students Cecil Youngblood.” I couldn’t believe it, I had to get a good look. He took the mound, looked down at the catcher and entered his wind up. The lefty Youngblood threw a bouncer into home plate. But it was straight, I can only imagine the nerves. Regardless of how the pitch went. He went up there and represented the Bucs.

Let’s get back to the new stadium. ABC Supply stadium opened up August 3. The game on Wednesday was only their 20th game in the stadium. Some of the features of the new stadium include a 360 degree concourse. Meaning there is not a spot around the stadium where you can’t see the field. Six concession stands and a great view from the home run fence. Not to mention you can see our very own Science Center from the stadium. 

I remember two years ago during my freshman week, my friends and I went to a game at the old Pohlman Field. While Pohlman Field may be nostalgic for many fans, it looked like a minor league stadium. I will say, there is more room for kids to play. I know that is not why you go to a game, but I’m sure it’s nice for the parents. ABC Supply Stadium looks and feels like a Triple A stadium, let alone a High A stadium. 

Comparing the two fields; Pohlman Field felt like a stadium where you would go to have drinks with your buddies with a baseball game in the background. Where in the new stadium, you felt like you were there to watch a baseball game. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the stadium. Words do not do it justice. Go see the stadium for yourself. 

In between innings the staff put on entertainment for the fans. Around the fourth inning they had a race between mustard, ketchup and ranch. The mustard outfit was worn by Beloit’s own Nate Johnson’22 and ranch worn by JT Toepfer’23. After the race, Johsnon went back to manning his camera and Toepfer went back to run the music. That’s what is so neat about this connection. The Snappers hire college students to get experience. 

Overall, it was a great day at the ballpark. Not to mention the Snappers won by a score of 1-0. That lone run coming in the bottom of the eighth on back to back doubles. I’m excited to see what the Snappers and the College will do in the future.

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