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Sifting Through the Thrifting in Beloit

One consistent entity, seemingly no matter what part of the country you are from, are thrift stores. Beloit is no different, with a few options within walking or biking distance from campus. Below are three thrift stores that anyone with a love for secondhand clothing should take the time to investigate. 

  1. The St. Vincent de Paul thrift store is one of Beloit’s hidden gems. Located next to the YMCA on the other side of the Rock River, just on the other side of downtown Beloit, this thrift store is just a 10-15 minute walk from Beloit campus. They are a small store, and while they don’t have the same range of clothing as a larger thrift store, many treasures can still be found within its walls. They have the typical thrift shop items, with coats and dresses, shirts and shoes, and glass pieces to hold whatever little treasures you own. This thrift store is also ideal for the broke college student, as items are usually priced around $3.00. They also frequently host bag sales, in which people can shove as many items as they can fit into a bag for the low, low price of $10.00. Additionally, they house a furniture warehouse next door to the thrift store, for those who need desks, lamps, dressers, chairs, or any other apartment dressings. The workers are incredibly sweet, and will always greet you with a smile. This store is a fantastic place to go if you are looking for a nice walk through downtown Beloit with a shopping destination in mind. This would be a great place to visit on a Saturday afternoon, after stopping by the Farmer’s Market in downtown Beloit. 
  2. The local Beloit Salvation Army is a true home away from home. For those who love a cozy little thrift environment that’s never too crowded, this is the place for you. Make a left after Mr. B’s Coffee and Snack Shop and you have arrived at this sanctuary. This Salvation Army is always rotating inventory, so you will find something new every time you visit. Everywhere you turn there is something to look at, a new thing to examine and try on. They have a fantastic selection of everything and anything you can think of; sunglasses, hats, scarves, shoes, coats, dresses, skirts. This store has furnished many a Beloit student’s wardrobe, and can not be raved about enough. They have a knack for supplying unexpected, yet fabulous pieces that you simply can not resist. Their men’s section is wonderful, which can be a hard thing to find in a thrift store. T-shirts and sweater vests, jeans and button ups can be found in abundance there. This is an ideal place for any need, including pots and pans and various kitchen apparatus. Everything in the store has a specific color tag, and each week they have a 50% discount on one of the colors. This makes their already inexpensive prices better, along with an added bonus of a student discount with the display of a student ID.
  3. For those who have a car, or can finagle a ride (or who want a quick, 15 minute bike ride on a Sinnissippi Cruiser!), the Beloit Goodwill is a great choice for a thrift store. This thrift store is much larger and has a larger selection than the other two stores detailed above, and can also be just a smidge pricier. Despite this, this is a store to go to when you have the time and desire to really roll up your sleeves and dig into thrifting. Their shoe section in particular is typically fruitful, as well as the shirts. You will no doubt find something in this Goodwill, whether you have 45 minutes to shop or 2 hours. This store doesn’t have the same homey, familiar feeling as Salvation Army, instead it leans more towards cold and industrial, but they can provide just as many funky finds. They also have a similar discount program as Salvation Army, in which certain colored tags are discounted each week. In addition to that, if you find yourself pressed for time and ideas come October 31st and you need a costume as quickly as possible this is the place to be. They have wigs and cowboy hats, fox and bunny ears and tails, fairy wings, and much more.
  4. These are just three thrift stores in Beloit, but there are many more in the surrounding area. It is a great way to spend some time looking at clothes without buying fast fashion, and it is more environmentally friendly as well. Through thrifting, you can stumble upon your new favorite articles of clothing, or your new favorite vase, or picnic basket, or anything else you fall in love with. It can also be a good way just to get outside and walk a little bit, and learn more about the Beloit community.

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