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Daily Archives: October 18, 2021

Return to In-Person Classes: A New Normal

It goes without saying that many of us were not prepared to deal with the challenges and consequences that the COVID-19 virus had brought onto us as students and individuals in the beginning of 2020. At the start of the pandemic Beloit College took protective

Hurricane Ida Devastates Louisiana

As some go into this Labor day weekend, Grand Isle, Louisiana is left to look back at the direct impact Hurricane Ida left their home in. Grand Isle is a hidden island located along Louisiana’s shoreline; previously known for their abundant ecosystem. Wildlife could be

Beloit College Fall 2021 Covid Policies

 The 2021 Fall semester is underway with students back on campus, but COVID-19 has stuck around making it difficult for life to return fully back to “normal”.     The college pushed their “Worth a shot” vaccination campaign throughout last semester and continued to do so throughout

Back at Beloit: A Week in Quarantine

Vaccines are readily available and are being widely adopted across the United States. With students returning to on-campus this Fall, everything is returning to normal. Or so it is. Countless students (both domestic and international students) have had troubles in getting a dose for the

Top Four Worst Commons Meals

Commons is infamous for its less than delightful cuisine, but students new to campus this year have not experienced the full depth of what Commons last year truly was. In general, most of the courses simply required a good dousing of Sriracha to get it

Sifting Through the Thrifting in Beloit

One consistent entity, seemingly no matter what part of the country you are from, are thrift stores. Beloit is no different, with a few options within walking or biking distance from campus. Below are three thrift stores that anyone with a love for secondhand clothing

Concert at the Slab

On the night of Saturday, September 4th, a crowd gathered at the Slab, a spanse of concrete behind the library and Art House.  Elsa Schroeder started the night by playing two original songs, accompanied by her own guitar playing. The crowd swayed to the calming