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What’s up With C-Haus?

Have you ever wanted somewhere to go on a Thursday night? Friday? Saturday? Is the creepy co-owner of 5 bar putting you off? Maybe the heat of TKE basement just isn’t for you? Well, I would tell you to head on over to C-haus then, but admin might have something else to say about it. 

C-haus is an undeniable staple of campus culture. Built and opened in the 70s, C-haus was the love child of a group of students who thought it was high time Beloit finally had a homegrown performance space for its talented poets, musicians and songwriters. For decades, C-haus flourished as the center of weekend culture, offering drinks, live performances, and a healthy atmosphere for students to socialize. Recently, however, our resilient and beautiful student run space has come under attack.

Administration has been trying to shut down C-haus for about as long as it’s been standing. Decades of student dedication has held them off, but with less and less of the student body getting to experience the beauty of it, C-haus is more susceptible than ever to being turned into just another living space for some unnamed Mr. So And Whoever from, probably, Powerhouse Management. 

Having been shut down during the pandemic, C-haus is the only student space that has yet to be reopened. Apparently crowds of sweaty students gathering in commons is acceptable, but the same students flocking to a safe and controlled weekend environment is not. 

Besides the loss of a great piece of Beloit history, the closing of C-haus would also mean cutting off its student employees from a legitimate source of income. As it was a weekend job, many students could rely on it for supplemental income without having to miss out on a portion of college life so vital to the prevention of academic burnout. 

Without a reliable, consistent party space on campus, freshmen are seeking entertainment at the bars in town. Many of these places are lax on checking ID’s, and besides that are in a space which is not patrolled by security, and require a midnight walk through downtown Beloit to reach. Predatory advances can easily be made on drunk, susceptible students who have wandered out of the controlled campus environment. 

C-haus, besides having decades of campus culture, had security, strict ID policies, and no off campus visitors allowed. Students looked out for each other, employees made sure no one walked home alone. 

Many students fail to see the reasoning behind administrations vehement opposition to this iconic space. Would they rather see their students walking drunk and alone to some seedy bar in town? Would they rather see the death of easily accessible student performance spaces? Why does admin want so badly to stifle the student spirit of Beloit? 

I cannot answer these questions and neither, it seems, can the administration. So instead I ask you, the students, to answer them in your own right. I want to show you that the safety, the culture of C-haus is worth fighting for. It was made for students, by students. And yes, that means you. 

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