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“Summer Lovin’ Having a Blast. Summer Lovin’ Happened so Fast”

Exactly as Danny and Sandy described it, the summer went by incredibly fast, and just as their love story continues, Our athletes’ love affairs with their sports go on. 

While most people are throwing back some hawaiian punch or kool aid jammers. Athletes spend their summer downing eggs like Rocky or going for runs on the beach well…like Rocky as well. 

Our Beloit athletes are no different. From some of our sports being stripped away from us to other sports who want to get to that high echelon of D3, they all want to improve to make those tournament dreams come true. 

Relief pitcher Matthew Starr’23 for the Beloit baseball team lived in the gym. The man better known as “Beans’ ‘ came out of the pen throwing gas for the team. He had a 7.55 ERA, but his win-loss record of 4-0 would indicate he’s better than that ERA gives him. 

However, after speaking with him he still has something to prove this year. I asked him if he still has something to prove after winning the North last year. An immediate answer of “definitely, I worked out six days a week and made sure to eat three meals a day.” It’s evident that he has put in the work. 

He also did mention he got a fair amount of rocket league in. Even the hardest workers have  time for fun. 

After getting his season taken away from him striker Conor Waldron’23 tried to live life to the fullest this year. By not only picking up a part time job, but also picking up a part time sport. Golf. 

When I asked him about his golf game he said “I’m really bad but at least I’m learning.” 

But after a little fun we got down into the nitty gritty of what he spent his off season on. He was all about  “touch, turns and finishing.” 

Being stuck working out solo he did workouts such as the “John Terry” to improve his conditioning. Along with countless others to set the standard for the season upcoming. 

Even with the changing of the guard at Head Coach. Waldron still has his eyes set on making a difference. “We really want to be the team that changes Beloit soccer.” 

With a motto like that, and a work ethic beyond believable, it’s an exciting time to be a Beloit Buccaneer soccer fan. It’s an exciting time to be at Beloit in general! 

Even Beloiters who haven’t stepped on campus are already grinding for the season. 

Freshman on the women’s basketball team Oceanna Estrada’25 was right on the ball all off season. She got her pre- season workouts from her head coach and did them all summer. 

She also participated in “Open gyms runs that her high school ran,” and was not only grinding but helping in her community. She was a basketball coach for little kids in her area. 

The special thing about the Beloit community is that we have athletes who are not only committed to improving themselves, but also their communities and those around them. 

Kenny Chensey wrote a famous song about summer, with the sun going down. For the athletes on this campus the sun is now rising, and it is their time to shine. And will all be singing “as the sun goes uppppppp.” 


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