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Who the Buc are you? With Emilio Mendoza ’24

The Round Table got the opportunity to sit down with Emilio Mendoza’24 and find out who the Buc he is! 


RT: Where are you from? 

Mendoza: “Tremonton, Utah.”


RT: What is your major?

Mendoza: “Business Economics”


RT: What is your plan after college? 

Mendoza: “I ask myself this same question everyday and I still do not know” 


RT: How did you choose Beloit? 

Mendoza: “I chose beloit because I was able to continue my education and play soccer”


RT: When did you start playing soccer and how did you get into it? 

Mendoza: “When I was six or seven. All my brothers played soccer when they were that young so I followed in their footsteps.”


RT: What is your favorite aspect of soccer?

Mendoza: “Being a part of a team.” 


RT: How long have you competed? 

Mendoza: “About 10 years” 


RT: How do you get hyped for a game? 

Mendoza: “Listen to my pre game playlist”


RT: What’s your favorite memory with the team? 

Mendoza: “Getting our first win of the season. It showed the hard work we all put in during the off season”


RT: Does the team have any traditions? 

Mendoza: “Yes”


RT: What does a typical practice look like? 

Mendoza: “Start with some band work then get into a solid warm up. Then straight into drills” 


RT: What are some of your goals in soccer and in life?

Mendoza: “For soccer, my goal is to make the conference tournament. My goal in life at the moment is to graduate college and have a job lined up.” 


RT: Do you have any superstitions? 

Mendoza: “Nope” 


RT: Do you have any pets? Names? Breed? 

Mendoza: “I have four dogs: One teacup chiwawa named Hawk, two maltese brothers  named Paco and Olie, and then a rescue dog named Emily which we believe is a mix of lab, pitbull and another breed.” 


RT: If you could have any superpower what would it be? 

Mendoza: “I would like to have super speed so I could run everywhere and be super fast.” 


RT: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be and why?  

Mendoza: “Hawaii because I’ve never been and everyone says it’s cool.”


RT: Stance on pineapple on pizza? Why or why not?

Mendoza: “Absolutely not. Pizza is one of the best foods on the planet and putting pineapple on it completely ruins it.”

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