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Four Albums I’m Looking Forward to in May

I work part-time at a local record store and one of the things l do there is update the monthly new release board. It’s really nothing special; it’s just a small chalk board that I write upcoming albums on for the store. In doing it for the month of May, I realized that there’s kind of a lot of exciting albums due out in May. Here’s four that I’m the most excited for. 

Black Midi – Cavalcade, out May 28 on Rough Trade Records

Black Midi is finally releasing a follow-up to 2019’s critically acclaimed Schlagenheim and I really couldn’t be more excited. They’ve put out two singles already, “John L,” and “Slow (Loud)” and they’re just what you would expect from Black Midi: angry songs that you still want to dance in your dorm room to. With “Slow (Loud),” they’re taking a slightly math rock approach to post-punk and it works well. The product is a furious five and a half minute long song that feels really good to walk to class to. 

Squid – Bright Green Field due out on May 7 on Warp Records

Squid is another British post-punk band. Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t listened to much of Squid, but Bright Green Field is an album no one wants to miss. It’s their debut album and Squid has a back-catalogue full of singles and EPs that prove they know what they’re doing. Their most recent single “Pamphlet” is moody, but fun. It’s the perfect song to turn on when you’re doing your homework outside or rushing to turn in your article. They’re full of energy and sick one liners, like “pale bricks and wide smiles, that’s why I don’t go outside.” I think Squid is a really hot up-and-comer and you should all get together with your friends on May 7 and listen to their new album. 

Moby – Reprise out on May 28 on Deutsche Grammophon

I’ll be honest. I think Moby is a big time weird man. He wrote in his book that he dated a twenty year old Natalie Portman when he was thirty-three, also known as too old to be dating a ripe twenty year old. Here’s the twist though, Natalie Portman literally never dated Moby. Moby also has “ANIMAL RIGHTS” tattooed on his arms, with the word “ANIMAL” on his right arm and “RIGHTS” on his left. So what I’m saying is that Moby is literally a freak. Because of this, I know his album is going to be really really odd, which is why I’m looking forward to it. We all need something “derivative” from time to time. 

TEKE::TEKE – Shirushi out May 7 on Kill Rock Stars

TEKE::TEKE is a seven-piece experimental band from Japan. They use a range of traditional Japanese instruments, like the flute and trombone, while incorporating modern rock and roll instruments like the drum, bass, and guitar. They take inspiration from Japanese psychedelia from the sixties and seventies and put their own modern spin on it. From the tracks released from Shirushi thus far, I can say it sounds like a twee pop album from the nineties because of the punk instrumentals and the soft female singer. From the singles, I can tell it’s going to be a really good album. It’s something really different than what’s popular within the genres that I’m most familiar with and that’s why I’m so excited for it. 

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