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Holy Shot! Vaccines Available on Campus

Shots shots shots shots shots shots everybody! Vaccine rollouts have continued across the country and all states have updated vaccine eligibility to allow everyone over the age of sixteen to get vaccinated. In the United States, about twenty-seven percent of the population has been fully vaccinated, and the country is administering close to three million doses every day. Seventy to eighty-five percent of the country needs to be fully vaccinated in order to stop the ravaging spread of COVID-19. In terms of the number of people fully vaccinated, Wisconsin is above the national average and has over thirty percent of the state population with the vaccine. Despite increased availability of vaccines, both Rock and Winnebago counties experienced an increase in COVID cases in the past couple of weeks, but this number has fallen by four percent in Rock County and eight percent in Winnebago County in the past week. 

Beloit College has been doing its part in advocating for the vaccine. The college started the #WorthAShot campaign, encouraging students to get their COVID vaccine. On May 12, the college announced they would be administering shots for free on campus through the Beloit Health Center. To participate, all students had to do was fill out a Google Form with their personal information, and schedule an appointment after a follow up email from Tara Girard, Director of the Health and Wellness Center. Appointment slots began Monday, April 19th and ended Thursday, April 22. To get the shot, all students had to do was go to the Health and Wellness Center at their designated time and sit down, receive their first dose of the COVID vaccine through a painless shot, and wait fifteen minutes to ensure there are no reactions or adverse effects. Then they could be on their merry way, one step closer to being COVID free. The school supplied the Moderna vaccine which comes in two doses, so any student who received their vaccine from Beloit College must return four weeks later to receive their second dose. Two weeks after that, they will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Many students took the school up on this offer, and appointment slots quickly filled with eager recipients wanting to do their part in eradicating the coronavirus. If a student was unable to get a slot, or did not sign up in time, there are still other options available for getting vaccinated. There are many pharmacies and health care facilities in and around Beloit that offer vaccinations. Pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens (including the location on Broad Street, a less than ten minute walk from campus) offer the shots. Their websites can provide more information on how to sign up through these entities. Homecare Pharmacy on Woodward Avenue, about a twelve minute walk from campus, has appointments available, and can be reached at 608-362-1234. Beloit Area Community Health Center and Blackhawk Technical College in Janesville are other options for people who did not get vaccinated through the school. If any student has not gotten their vaccine, there are many options available. Beloit has continuously fostered the idea that “self care is community care,” and vaccines are a part of this sentiment. The more people vaccinated, the quicker the college can return to normal and students can once again breathe freely and openly. 


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