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Student-Directed One-Acts 2021

The Student-Directed One-Acts premiered the weekend of March 18 and lasted until March 27. If you missed it you could still find it on youtube. Three seniors debut their adapted plays on Youtube premiere for this year’s event. Not being able to use the Kresge Theatre was not a problem for these three directors, as they in a sense created three short plays via video making. All three thought-provoking pieces 

A Lady Who Collects Spiders Meets A Gentleman Who Collects Snakes, this play by Ian Downes and directed by Abby Bender ‘21; explores the difficulty of having true love. Two specialists in catching spiders and snakes, speak on their interests and how they became lovers of these creatures. Then meeting they speak on the failed past relationships because of their interests getting in the way. Realizing that they both have very similar lives and can try and be together. With the wild twist at the end with each character, it brings it home to a get-together story of true love.

13 Letters to Lucy Grealy Written in the Bathtub, directed by Sage Green ‘21 and originally by PJ Gross; this play shows an internal battle between beauty standards and self-worth. This piece is wonderfully put together with only being in a bathroom. It takes visuals to a new level with different lighting techniques and the use of a projector that shows important subtext to the piece. The monologue takes us on a course of love, dwelling on unfulfilled possibilities and outcomes. It is a touching piece about loss and the weakness that comes with it.

37 Scenes, And A Watermelon, by Ian Downes and directed by Stacy Jaeger ‘21; has watermelon in a way you’ve never seen it before. This sweet delicious fruit becomes the start of the show with how many displays of emotion could sprout from the green ball. Betrayal and neglect work well with the play’s costars as well as showing off nightmare sequences depicting inner thoughts. It finishes with a satisfying ending where the person ends up suffering for what they did to the precious watermelon.

These three plays were put together between the rectangular screen of zoom and done so with well-planed blocking and stage directions. The show in total is 46 minutes long, and in case you missed it, the show will still be around. Reserve your tickets online at the Beloit College Theater website and also pay what you can to support these excellent stage directors.

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