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Kiara Davis: 22, Awakening of Self

If you haven’t been to the Gallery ABBA yet, here’s your sign to go now. This past week was the start of Kiara Davis’s ‘21, exhibit named “22, Awakening of Self”. This was a collection of twenty-two dynamic paintings based on Davis’s past with the struggles and challenges she faced. In the end, all her thoughts and feelings came together to form each piece to show who she has made herself today.

Although Davis picked up painting as a newly found hobby during quarantine, she has shown a great deal of thought in the practice and makes each piece exceptionally well. Twenty-two ironically lines up with Davis turning twenty-two at the beginning of April, but also signifies twenty-two dreams and realities. Specifically, eleven dreams and eleven realities Davis has experience in her life so far.

This project for her was the start of her self-love and self-care journey for herself. Because she found herself someone who put others before her, but now starts to learn more about herself and put herself first for once. Her creative process consisted of thinking of what color best describes fits in a piece and each piece had colors of the people who cared about Davis. Having her think of them while making the piece and listening to some of her favorite artists like SZA and J. Cole.

Davis mentions how she put pain and letting go in these paintings, and made sure to not leave anything else during the process. Her past pain and loss of friends and family over her life and the past four years are projected onto these paintings.

One dream was Kryptonite which speaks on her dream of being a vocal person and speaking in front of a lot of people. Davis already acknowledges that she does speak out already but on a smaller scale but dreams of specifically talking as just Kiara. One of her reality paintings was The Good Bad which reminds Davis of having friends come and go in our lives. For better or worse growing away from friends can sometimes be necessary for growth.

My personal favorite of all pieces was Awakening, in which Davis mentions how even though it is one of the realities it can be seen as one of the dreams. A reality because she is always awakening herself to become the person that she wants to be and actively trying to be better by putting herself first. Some people question if the colors are taking over the black or if the black overtaking the color. Davis sees it as the colors taking over the black in the painting to symbolize herself breaking out to become who she wants to be by knowing what she has to do to achieve her goal.

The collection of “22, Awakening of Self” is only up until April 16, so be sure to make an appointment at the Gallery ABBA page and go see Kiara’s fine works of art. The paintings are also available for purchase from the gallery.

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