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Meet the BSG Executives

History was made when Beloit College elected two women of color, both international students, as Co-Presidents of the Beloit Student Government this Spring. With the appointment of our new exec team, the Beloit Student Government hopes to create a space dedicated to the needs of the students. It comes as no surprise that the responsibilities of the exec team have changed as they’ve taken up the role during unprecedented times. With the emergence of COVID-19 and many community action work that has taken place, our biggest intentions are surrounded by the intent for transparency, empowerment, and inclusivity. With that in mind, it’s important we know the women behind the work at the Beloit Student Government.

To start us off, we have Co-President Nayomi Neelangal. A junior from India, Nayomi looks to her time in a boarding school to thoroughly understand her interest in being a leader. She has always been interested in leadership opportunities and Beloit has helped her curate bigger and better chances. In discussing her new responsibilities, Co-President Nayomi Neelangal described her relationship with leadership and what it means to be a good leader. She has always been drawn to leadership roles, with the intent of personal and social growth and knowledge; her experiences as an International student provided her the insight that in order to be an effective leader, “one cannot lead with power, but example.” The influence of a leader can be seen throughout a given ecosystem, forging a new way of life, and this is why the Statement of Culture was a significant addition to how the Student Government moved towards creating a tighter union. As part of that pathway, our goal with this column, and the entire government team, is to make the work of the BSG an open space for students, keeping them up to date with our current project and ever-evolving goals. 

This message is at the core of the funding board, headed by senior Quisi Rodriguez-Oregel. She stated that the reason why she decided to join the funding board is that she wanted to help individuals, of all backgrounds, to be a part of necessary opportunities at Beloit, and to learn the power of their voices through their experiences and involvements. The theme of opportunities was also significant in Quisi’s decision to join Beloit since she explained the need for available and reliable support systems for college students. Though this was not something that she had thought about prior to joining Beloit, it didn’t take her long to realize that the various layers of support services at Beloit are present for the sole purpose of helping students throughout their time in college and beyond. As cultures are constantly on the precipice of growth, the way in which individuals place their footprints on the map is a clear sign of the times. 

Furthermore, As Co-President Deepakshi Bhardwaj expressed, one of the best ways to instill change is to be a part of the system and in the room. Our voices are of great value and as the Beloit Student Government’s primary focus is the student body, they speak to the needs of all students and strive towards a richer campus life. Her acute curiosity is what drove her to choose Beloit in the first place, as she described the decision as a “good accident.” Growing up in a huge city, such as Delhi, Deepakshi was always drawn to the ways of a small, liberal arts college to strengthen her voice, meet people from various cultures, and hopes to use her global perspective to expand on the ways in which Beloit explores diversity. 

Next up is our BSG Communications Director Olivia Taylor. A junior from San Diego, California, Olivia has a strong interest in performing arts and theatre productions. When she’s not working on expanding BSG, her behind-the-scenes work in various theatre performances can be seen on “stage” and prepared her as a hardworking member of the executive team. Since the Communication department is relatively new to the team, Olivia hopes to make the BSG a much more recognized institution on campus for students of all ages. 

Lastly, we have our new COO Director Sarah Aldrige. A sophomore at Beloit, she’s the youngest executive member at BSG double majoring in Psychology and Japanese. BSG became a place of belonging and community for Sarah, as she strived to find a space where she could truly merge. In her academic career, Sarah aspires to destigmatize mental health conversations within marginalized communities and make them increase the scope to which our world discusses mental health. 

In addition, one objective of the Student Government is to manifest diversity in new and unique ways. Each and every member of the community plays an important role in the continued success of Beloit, and from our student body to our housekeeping staff, to the Bon Appetit staff. As a result, to better understand the stories of our peers and staff, we hope to highlight more of the behind-the-scenes work that happens to make a difference every day, and the learning outcomes through each encounter. It’s not news that this past year has been difficult for students on various levels, and we have been forced to assimilate into a new set of cultural norms that we never thought would occur, but our little strides have not only given us the opportunity to have students on campus, but to forge a much more tightly knit community at the end of the tunnel, and the Beloit Student Government are excited and encouraged to be at the forefront of this story. 

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