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Seven New Members Added to Beloit College’s Board of Trustees

After the October resignations of Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks, Jim Packard, Chuck McQuaid, and Jim Sanger from the Beloit College board of trustees, students and faculty were left puzzled. The four longtime trustees resigned with no explanation, leaving many to speculate that their resignations came as a result of differing political and social views between themselves and the colleges. Prior to Hendricks’ resignation as a trustee, students had been boycotting her businesses in downtown Beloit, since Hendricks was a known financial supporter of the Trump campaign. Students refused to funnel money into Trump’s campaign, thus, deciding to refrain from spending money at any of Hendricks’ establishments. 

Talk of Hendricks’ resignation died down relatively quickly around campus. After the fear of financial turmoil dissipated, the subject became old news. Frankly, students seem to be thrilled that the college is no longer tied to Diane Hendricks; now, if only the name of the performing arts center named after her could be changed… Regardless, students are happy to welcome seven new trustees to the Beloit College board! All of them are alumni. This new cohort of trustees appears to be much more ethnically diverse, and includes a number of younger Beloit graduates. Students are pleased to see this sort of diversity reflected in the board of trustees. 

The seven new trustees are: Phyllis Wolff Banucci ‘65, Roy Schneiderman ‘77, Paul Foster ‘86, Raj Fernando ‘93, Tori Key ‘03, Alex Catalan ‘10, and Oceana R. Gilliam ‘17. Since 2018, there has been a hold on adding new members to the Beloit board of trustees. It is unclear if the board decided to add new trustees as a result of the resignations of the four trustees in October, or if this was merely a reversal of the hold put into place three years prior. Either way, students are happy to have alumni on the board. Only alumni can truly understand what our campus needs. Alumni also have a passion for giving back to their alma mater that is deeply rooted in their hearts, not just something they do in order to build connections with an institution. 

The board of trustees made the decision to add the seven new members on February 12th. In-depth biographies about each new trustee can be found on the Beloit College website in an article published on February 25th by Susan Kasten. Photographs of the new members are also included. 


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