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No Breaks…Even On break

About one in thirteen high school athletes go on to become college athletes. It’s a little over seven percent, so to accomplish that itself is a pretty amazing feat. For athletes, getting there isn’t their only goal.

The goal is to get there and play at a high level. This requires an intense amount of devotion and practice to their craft. This means even when they have a break, they still have to stay in playing shape. Living in a pandemic does not help the situation.  

They still fight through the outer world struggles because of the love of the game. Some athletes use the time off they got to bulk up. One of the sports you can see that in his basketball. 

Sophomore Caden Anderson ‘23 uses these times to change his diet and build muscle. With the break this time being over a couple of months instead of the normal week and a half basketball gets. 

He broke down his food and water digestion, and used a NCAA legal Creatine to help grow his muscles. The dedication he put in during the break is obvious to anyone who looks at him. He turned himself into the Hulk, or Thor, or any superhero who has super strength. 

Improving your craft can be done in many ways, not just in the muscle building ways. That is the coaches favorite way to improve, but the mental side of the game is just as important. As the world keeps evolving we see a stride even in sports to pay attention to the mental health aspect. 

I spoke to another basketball athlete in Korey Yarc ‘23. Korey is coming off knee surgery, and had a battle with blood clots. This battle was one of the toughest ones in his life. While not being able to play what you love you rethink a lot of things.

When he and I spoke he talked about how preparing yourself mentally before the game is something he was working on during this break. Yarc ‘23 has already mastered the mental health of the game, as he was forced to watch every game from the bench due to his injuries. 

He said “That shaped who I am as a player this year.” Taking mental breaks after playing basketball because of the toll. He plays 2K or he works on his business to relax his brain, because basketball is his main priority. 

He and I also talked about trying yoga or meditation before or even after practice to help improve his game. He said during the break “Luka Doncic of the Mavericks meditates before every game” and spoke to why can’t he do that. 

Basketball isn’t the only team who during the break worked on their craft. Most athletes if you go on any of their social medias can see the work they put in. From personal trainers to just straight running hills in the morning our athletes were working.That’s the Beloit promise is our athletes are always grinding.  

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