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Losing a Season

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is what athletes live and die for. We were never prepared for the option of neither. The COVID-19 20 conference completely dismantled their seasons, and the Midwest Conference home to our Beloit Buccaneers was one of them. For good reason though as this is still a pandemic. 

The athletes understand the circumstances but that doesn’t leave them without pain of losing something they love. I spoke to men’s basketball returning starter Michael Polakoski ‘23 about losing his sophomore season. He compared the pain to “getting your heart ripped out.” The relationships these athletes have go beyond normal friendship. The sophomore called it a “brotherhood” and it’s not just about losing time with their teammates either. Polakoski spoke about losing time with the coaches too. The coaches we have are leaders, and role models who shape us into the young adults that we become. 

This pandemic also hasn’t just taken a toll on our physical being and relationships but our mental health as well. I also spoke to returning goalkeep Audrey Ketterer ‘23 who’s first reaction was that it was hard to hear mentally for her. For her “soccer relieves a lot of stress” and missing out on a season takes a toll on every athlete. 

The athletes have to remember though that baseball and other spring sports lost their season last year. With the upcoming season for them we can’t do anything to jeopardize it. I spoke to infielder Jack Tempone ‘23 via text and asked him about the season. He said “It’s exciting because last year we grew so much as players, and to have everything taken away was awful.” He spoke of the positive of the future saying “This is our chance to prove that we have what it takes to win the conference.” 

The pain of losing season is one they don’t wish upon our worst enemies as athletes. With the world slowly coming back to normal we look to our spring sports with hope. Hope that someday we will return to normal. For the athletes though who lost a season they won’t ever take a practice or game day for granted again. 

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