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Horoscopes 3/1


Pisces: Pisces, it’s your season now, and it’s a great time to start sharing the love with yourself for once. When you feel the capacity for affection, sometimes it’s worthwhile to focus in on your own needs!

Aries: It’s time to dance yourself out of that funk. Reconnect with an old friend, organize a (Zoom) hang with your besties, put on a new outfit and say some affirmations! A fresh outlook on life would serve you well, Aries.

Taurus: Break out of that rut, Taurus, and get to work on something you’re passionate about this week! Take some strides and let the world catch up with you for once. 

Gemini: Let off some of that steam and go on a walk, before you lose focus, Gemini. Take some charge, or take a step back. Now is the time to make some big decisions about what the future looks like for you. 

Cancer: You’re feeling direct, Cancer, and that’s somewhat of a rarity for you. Capitalize on your confidence, but remember to be tactful when breaking unpleasant news.

Leo: Keep grinding, Leo! You’re feeling on top of your work and now is a great time to even work ahead– but maybe reward yourself after with a bubble bath or movie night, too. 

Virgo: Stop waiting for someone else to speak up for you, Virgo. Now is the time to take advantage of new circumstances and step into the spotlight. Feel that kinesthetic energy and lip sync in the mirror! 

Libra: It’s time to look inwards, Libra, and assess what it is you need from yourself right now. Some introspection and alone time is necessary to recharge and move forward productively.

Scorpio: Scorpio, now is the time to put your energy into focus. Face your fears and start that thing you’ve been meaning to get around to. This week you’ll do well to lean into intimacy. Share your ideas with a friend, and trust yourself for once!

Sagittarius: This week it will be beneficial to team up, Sagittarius. Stop caring all the weight on your shoulders, let a friend lighten the load. You don’t need to deny your independence, just let your curiosity form new pursuits. 

Capricorn: Have a dance party today, Capricorn! You have too much pent up energy (probably from all that Zooming), and some intuitive movement would do you some good.

Aquarius: Give into yourself this week aquarius. Put aside your commitments for a night and have some fun! Pleasure is not something to put on the back burner this week. 

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