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Functionality of Gallery ABBA

The past year was no doubt tough on going out and resuming regular activities. One Beloit activity kept running however and adapted to the new challenges we face amidst this pandemic. Gallery ABBA is this activity that has come up with ways of facing the pandemic and ultimately working around it to remain operational.

Gallery ABBA is the student-run art gallery located on the first floor of the Center of Entrepreneurship (CELEB) building in downtown Beloit. Their objective is to immerse the artist in the world of promoting art shows and marketing off their art, by allowing artists a span of two to three weeks to house their art across the gallery walls. The gallery allows current Beloit students as well as past Alumni to showcase their art pieces for the public to see and potentially buy. However now with following the Beloit College rules and guidelines for the response of COVID-19, they have had to close the gallery to the downtown public for spread reduction. Although the gallery is still opened to College students through booking appointments only.

Opening back up last semester in October the Gallery aimed at still promoting fellow artists as much as they could. Eva McFarlin ‘21 the student manager at Gallery ABBA noticed that though concerns about how different the gallery’s functionality was what closed it completely in the summer, this only gave the staff the chance to brainstorm on ways to get back up and running come the fall semester.

The gallery now functions with a capacity of six on the main floor and of course, students must be masked up. With new expectations, they have created virtual introductions/walks with the artist as they give a brief mention of their work as well as showing it off. This new addition could be found on the Gallery ABBA Youtube channel, and give a proper chance for the artist to speak on their work as well as being available to everyone anytime at home.

Staff at Gallery ABBA work together to put on three to six shows per semester. Right now they are accepting applications from artists who want to showcase art for this semester, these applications are via google form found on their website. The applications are available up until March 21, and these showcases will be all throughout the second mod. Having the art complete and brought to the gallery as well as creating an artist statement of the show are expectations before an active show. The gallery will also offer artists a BATV interview to be aired on the youtube video as well. 

Next week Gallery ABBA will be opening the first showcase of the semester with Mac Johnson.

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