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Daily Archives: March 1, 2021

Horoscopes 3/1

  Pisces: Pisces, it’s your season now, and it’s a great time to start sharing the love with yourself for once. When you feel the capacity for affection, sometimes it’s worthwhile to focus in on your own needs! Aries: It’s time to dance yourself out

New Quarantine Hobbies

In March of 2020, quarantine started and everyone got thrown off of their rhythm, to say the least. Now, almost a year later, we find ourselves stuck with a myriad of hobbies that fell under the category of “shit that we wished we could have

Today Felt Like a Good Day to Smell the Roses

This article is grossly late for Valentine’s day, but spring is coming up so that means that flower talk is socially acceptable, right? Right. Here’s your floriography lesson. Floriography is basically just a Victorian “language” of flowers. At one point you literally could send someone

Upcoming Celestial Events

Since we all still have to social distance, there isn’t a lot that we can do on campus. I mean sure, there are games over Zoom and watching movies, but sometimes you just have to get outside. And luckily for us, the night sky provides

Remembering Verne Shaffer

If you have taken a stroll through the campus or even through the riverside park you may have come across sculptures like the one pictured. These sculptures if you look closely were made by the artist Owen V. Shaffer to most he was known as

Functionality of Gallery ABBA

The past year was no doubt tough on going out and resuming regular activities. One Beloit activity kept running however and adapted to the new challenges we face amidst this pandemic. Gallery ABBA is this activity that has come up with ways of facing the

The Best and Shitty Beers

As a college student, sometimes we can’t afford to spend too much money on certain things, you may reach for the generic coffee when you’re at Walmart, you may go to Taco Bell for the $5 box, the list goes on and on. As a

Joe Biden: Problem or Problem Solver?

Well, how can you not think he is racist? Since November 4th, people all over our great nation rejoiced when Joe Biden was elected as the President of the United States. They were happy Trump was out! Those people were happy that they voted out