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Governor Evers’ Stay-At-Home Order For Wisconsin

With Wisconsin coronavirus cases still on the rise, Governor Tony Evers (D) has taken action, urging all Wisconsinites to stay in with his newest Stay-At-Home order. This order marks the second of its kind since the pandemic began in mid-March. In March, Evers instituted a Stay-At-Home order, wherein all dine-in restaurants were closed, stores had limited hours, salons were closed, bars were closed, and only drive-thrus were open. In May, the predominantly Republican Wisconsin Supreme Court chose to overrule the order, claiming that it was political, and that it barred small business owners from making a living. When Evers’ initial order was struck down, cases began to skyrocket and have not turned around since then.

As of Wednesday, November 11th, Wisconsin has 301,349 confirmed cases of COVID-19 statewide, with 2,563 deaths related to the virus. Not only are these numbers astronomical, but the rate of daily cases is averaging around 7,000 new cases per day. Wisconsin is now leaps and bounds beyond the statistics of the virus in other states. Hospitals in Wisconsin are now at 90% capacity, even with the makeshift hospital inside of the State Fair Ground being open. This is precisely why Governor Evers has instituted this new Stay-At-Home order. According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, nearly 5,000 Wisconsinites could lose their lives to COVID-19 by January 1st, 2021, if the rate of infection continues to be this rapid. 

The new Stay-At-Home order is a bit more lax than the first. Small business owners are less likely to be negatively impacted by the order, and for the most part, stores and restaurants will operate as they have been. Governor Evers also wants to emphasize that wearing masks and social distancing are not political acts, but ways to save lives. As the holidays approach, Evers encourages Wisconsinites to keep gatherings to a minimum, and to offer to spend time with family members and/or friends virtually in order to slow the spread. It is also wise not to fly or travel by train if this is not completely necessary. 

Currently, the United States’ COVID-19 numbers are as follows: 10,559,383 confirmed cases, 244,421 deaths, and on the optimistic side, 5,830,401 recoveries. It is essential that we all do our part in slowing the spread of this virus. No one finds joy in wearing masks or social distancing, but when cases begin to drop, and as lives are spared, all of our efforts will pay off. Please, keep this in mind, Beloiters, as you head home for the holidays. 

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