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A Swim Team Special

Beloit swimmers have been working hard this season. They’ve been working on their skills, finding time to hit the weights and create good team chemistry.

They have been practicing since Sept. 28, going three times a week. Until the start of Mod 2, then the swimmers transitioned to five days a week.

Much like every other sport, they have to be split up into different groups come in at different times. Other than the divers being all together, Elinore Kosak’23, a diver, said the groups are kinda random, trying to “get a different combination of people together to get to know each other better.” 

George Carlson’23, a sprint swimmer, mentioned how last year they would swim for 2 hours Mon., Wed., Fri. and lift Tues. and Thurs. This year he said “one day might be an hour and half in the pool, another could be just an hour and a third would be lifting.” By shaking up the practices like that, it allows the athletes to get excited for practice. 

While practicing with no certain future in sight, this goes for any sport, it could be easy to dismiss the importance and value of practice. Carlson’23 said “I’ve enjoyed swimming this year…Coach has made the best of this situation, this is the best thing he could come up with. Everybody seems to be enjoying it.”

Every year teams bring in new faces, whether they are freshman or transfers. Either way, it’s important to build chemistry. Kosak’23 said “it’s nice to see faces on the team in a time like this.” Without being able to practice as a whole, how would a team build good chemistry? Carlson’23 said “we’ve gone for a walk around the river, played frisbee and had lunch.” All such easy activities to build good team chemistry. And activities to be socially distant at. 

So much of the season is up in the air. Nobody really knows what the future holds. All the swimmers can do is fine tune their skills and be ready when the time comes. Kosak’23 said “competition is what we work for. Everybody is staying as optimistic as we can, hoping we’ll have opportunities to compete in the second semester.” A fine statement that is applicable to how all athletes are feeling.

An uncertain future can cause some speculation to arise. Both Carlson’23 and Kosak’23 said that there is talk about splitting the conference up. Splitting it into a north and south. Where the “southern” schools would meet at a college to have a meet. The college could be Beloit. And the “northern” schools would have their meet at a school that is more north. But both swimmers made sure to note that that is just a rumor.

But for now, all there is left to do is to keep their skills sharp and stay ready when the time comes.

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