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Trump Supporters Around the BSU House

 In the past couple of weeks the residents living in the BSU house have been scared for their lives. Why may you ask? Well this is because Trump supporters from around Beloit felt it was appropriate to come on campus and parade around the BSU house and make the people inside fear for their safety. This is completely outrageous and the school did not do much to make those students feel safe in that house even after having many people report to security about how they felt unsafe. The school needs to do better when it comes to black issues. There is no way that the students living in the BSU house should have felt like their only way to feel safe was to come to BSU exec. 

  At that time the BSU exec and the students living within the house felt it was a good idea if we took things into our own hands. The students that wanted to help and protect the BSU house did. For that time being those students helping protect the BSU house made the people living there feel safe. It honestly should not have gotten to that point. The school should have had security doing extra rounds or something around the house for the safety of their students. The campus is supposed to be all inclusive then make sure everyone feels included in being protected. However BSU does want to say thank you to those students who helped out and made those students living in the house feel safe.

     Saying all of this to say that at the end of the day people want to be able to return to their residence with a peaceful mind that they will be able to go to sleep with no immediate threat to them. Seeing how a lot of the black students on campus are paying a lot of money to come here. The school should be doing everything they can to make sure we are comfortable. Also knowing that it was really close to Election time and that there are a lot of Trump supporters in Beloit the school should have been on high alert for all minority students. The school didn’t take the proper action and so students took things into their own hands. Once again it was black students and allies sticking up for black students. We shouldn’t just be sticking up for ourselves. We should have the support of the school abs that situation around the BSU house should’ve been handled better and quicker. 



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