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The USPS: Some Stuff They Do

            What does the USPS do?

            The United States Postal Service delivers the mail. Duh. End of article.

            But in all seriousness, that was not the end.

            The United States Postal Service does, in fact, deliver the mail. But, the USPS has some cool stuff that it does that would be interesting to highlight.

As we may all know well enough already by this point, USPS is a government entity, rather than a private company. The USPS was founded as a government program in the United States back in 1971, and the concept of a national mail delivery service can be dated back to 1775. While it obviously needs money to function, its primary function is not to make money. Its primary function is to make sure you get your mail and you can send your mail, which means that it does some things that other delivery services may not bother with.

            For example, the USPS is important in running the “last mile” when it comes to packages shipped through private shipping companies or online shopping. In August, USA Today wrote a piece on the last mile that one postal worker covers. Said postal worker, Michael Miller, describes how the people on his rural route in southern Ohio’s Gallia County depend on the USPS in order to receive medications, pay their bills, and vote. According to the Census Bureau, one in 5 elderly Americans live in these rural areas where UPS, FedEx, and Amazon just will not deliver to. The postal service is vital in making sure your grandma who lives in rural Kansas gets her blood pressure medication and the Amazon package for the lightbulbs she asked you to order for her. This dedication to rural areas is also important because the Internet may not be as reliable in these areas, or the older people who live in the area may not trust it to use to pay their bills when they can just write a check and hand it to the postal worker.

            The USPS is also an important source of employment and career development for many people in the United States. To date, the USPS boasts that it employs about 100,000 military veterans. The USPS considers military service past employment, which is important in a cutthroat job market where being goaded into joining the military can very easily result in an empty resume and no college education. For those who went to college, the USPS has several programs in place to help with their career development. These include the Professional Development Program, their internship program for undergraduates, and their Emerging Professionals Program. Some of these programs allow you to go to Washington D.C. to participate in the program, and they provide various experiences for people of different majors to make sure that those participating get credits towards their major.

            The USPS is a pretty big deal in the United States, and it deserves a lot of love considering that it has to deal with an election and the holiday season during a global pandemic where everyone is online shopping like crazy. Of course, no institution is without its flaws, but the USPS generally makes up for its flaws and those who work for the USPS are still deeply dedicated to delivering our mail every day.

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