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The Importance of Unity During Election Night

Election day now looms over our shoulders as we watch the most important presidential election of our lives. The United States of America will surely crack under the pressure of divided opinions. The night will be dark as black mothers cry out for rights for their son’s life, the poor plead for a jumpstart to just get rent and their next meal, and the innocent children cruelly locked away wonder if they will ever taste freedom. All of this happening while confederate flag flyers run through streets demanding the return of a disgustingly immoral lifestyle, privileged families sit on their couch waiting for a leader to oppose issues they have and will never experience, and all while the content 3% revel in the silence money made on the backs of hard workers have provided. As we, the students, sit here as a self-proclaimed “diverse college” at the crossroads of social and economical injustice will Beloit College fare the same?

Moments in history like these are why our college should be unanimous in our opinion of basic human rights especially towards our peers. Students of every unique background reside here on our quaint campus but one fact remains the same. We all were accepted here. Therefore, we should support and uplift the people we know to be experiencing these very issues. Regrettably, our progress toward an inclusive non-judgemental campus seems to improve at a snail’s pace. Now with the United States’ current political climate and the increasing fear that we will soon become a fascist or socialist state now is the time to protect our generation. Let me tell you how.

Firstly, recognize that the people of minorities and poverty here on campus are human like you. They live, want, and dream. And their lives are important; not only that but critical to the future of our home. Acquaint yourself with the BSU Demands they were not written to glanced at but acknowledged and acted upon.  Second, determine how much you can help another. Whether it be walking on the outside of the street next to them or defending them from racists that spit words of pure venom. Even a small effort counts to make Beloit College a more welcoming place during election time. Third, continue these efforts past the time of election to assist with realizing a safe space that we can pass on to the generation of Beloiters. I believe that we have potential and we should hold our standards to equity, strive for justice, and settle for nothing less.


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