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Powering Through COVID

Sports have been hard to report on because of the obvious lack of sports being played because of our current situation. However there is still a light that shines through the darkness with the opening of the Powerhouse and it’s new facilities. 

The Powerhouse not only includes a new weight that room that students and students athletes can use. It also includes a beautiful new all turf field that is now open for each sport to use.

According to google maps the Strong Field complex is a four minute drive away, and only .7 of a mile away. Sports such as lacrosse, soccer and football, to name a few, all practice there. While the facilities at the complex are quite nice, the distance really puts athletes at a disadvantage to practice when they want to. Most likely having a busy college schedule.

That’s where the new Powerhouse comes into play. Where athletes finally have facilities that are not only state of the art but are easily accessible. One of the sports positively affected was baseball having been stuck in the old “barracks” of the Flood Complex during the winter years. I asked Sophomore Ryan Deany a couple of questions regarding the new facilities. 

He said via text “the powerhouse has opened the door for athletes to get more effective practices in,” he went on to say “the old fieldhouse was sufficient enough for every sports team needs and those problems were addressed in the powerhouse.” 

He also mentioned that “live scrimmages are available now with the technology that they have in the powerhouse.” From the interview you could just tell that the powerhouse is oozing with opportunities to improve our athletes. 

I also spoke to another sophomore in Audrey Ketterer and her experience with it being a goalie on the Women’s Soccer team she had this to say. 

“I think having another space to give outdoor sports a place to train gives us so much more opportunity.” She then dove into what makes being a fall sport athlete in Wisconsin so hard, the weather. “In the winter it was too cold and dangerous for us to play outside and continuously get better.” 

The powerhouse isn’t only an oasis because of its ability to protect us from the weather, but just having turf in the facility gives our athletes the ability to do what the coaches alway preach practice like you play. In soccer playing on a turf field compared to a  grass field is a big difference.

The sophomore goalie said “training on different surfaces trains different techniques.” Which is just one of the many ways the opening of the powerhouse has helped our student athletes progress towards their goals of becoming better athletes. 

Especially in the time of Covid practice it is going to be critical to keep our athletes in shape and still progress without game time reps. The Powerhouse has been a blessing that will give Beloit athletes an advantage over the competition.


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