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Early Voting

As the final Presidential debate aired this past Thursday, we now are nearing the election. If you are not going to sign up for an absentee ballot and prefer to vote in-person, early voting started up this past week and will continue into this week.

Early voting started on October 20th and the office of Student Success, Equality, and Community (SSEC) sent an email detailing where to go and what you will need to participate in early voting. This in-person voting is held at Beloit City Hall on State Street and for students, all you need to show up with is your student ID. You also have to be registered to vote in Wisconsin, of course.

The process is quick and easy. You will be asked to be socially distanced from the people in front of you. Keep your mask on and you’ll be in the clear, as it is required once you step in. At the front desk, the attendant will ask for your student ID and they will give you a sticker with registration info that someone down the hall will put on your ballot. Then it’s just about filling it out and turning it in — easy peasy. 

To incentivize students to go out and vote this year, SEAL has posted about the voting incentives project that is happening throughout this month up to the November 3rd deadline. You must stop by the SEAL office on the first floor of the Powerhouse with a presentable token that proves that you have participated in the election. This could be for example, your “I voted” sticker or a picture of the envelope your ballot came in if you received an absentee ballot. Once presented, you will be given a voucher redeemable at Hamiltons for the choice of a large coffee or small gelato. This started this past week on October 12 and will last till November 3rd.

Regardless of this nice gesture as an incentive for you to go out, it is also your choice in voting and up to you if you want your voice to be heard to institute the change you want to see. So remember to mask up while going out to vote and then you could treat yourself afterward.


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