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Who the Buc are You?

This week The Round Table sat down with freshman baseball player Preston Matson’24 to continue the “Who the Buc are you?” series. 

 Matson is a freshman who hails from the coveted Roselle, Illinois. He has been playing baseball for the last 11 years.

“Beloit gave me the chance to compete at the collegiate level…the guys on the team make it feel like a family,” said Matson. 

Which is not shocking considering here at Beloit anyone who joins our ranks we consider family! When asked about what he most loves about Beloit, he quickly said the “atmosphere.” 

He seems to be hopeful even with the number of rising covid cases in the area. 

When asked about schooling he said that because of COVID-19 he has to “wait and see” how school will be for him and affect his busy schedule. Even though he has a busy schedule, being a student athlete he still plans on becoming a History teacher someday. Most likely inspired by our very own Bill New. 

In his free time, Matson enjoys “workouts, hangouts with friends, and playing video games.” 

Even with COVID he enjoys living on campus and more directly about dorm life, “it’s great, having a double to myself is amazing,” Matson added. 

Matson gave a surprising answer on if he could have lunch with anyone who would be. 

“AJ Parnell, Matt Crandall, and Will Peterson,” said Matson. 

Which just really beats it home that Beloit is a family atmosphere because he could have picked anyone in the world and he chose three of his teammates. That’s a testament to Matson’s character and dedication towards not only improving his team but the community as a whole by building these bonds. 

The interview ended with a fun question on any superstitions he had. He gave a stellar answer of “yes” but wouldn’t elaborate because it may break the luck of the superstition itself. Thank you Matson for taking his time to sit down with us, and can’t wait to see what his career turns out to be!

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