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Have you put that “I voted” sticker on yet? The time has come to cast your vote and because students’ voices are so, so important, we should make sure we have a say in what comes next. Despite some students believing only the Electoral Colleges’ votes are key to winning or losing, our voices as individuals matter more. I have been very impressed by Beloit in helping students register to vote, as the last day to register to vote  on campus was Tuesday Oct 13. However there are online sources such as! As a country there have been so many gains in allowing people of color and women to vote, and this earned right should be used. 

Minority students voting is even more important. We live in a country that dedicates a lot of time to reproducing systematic racism, poverty, and inequality. We need to raise our voices as much as we may raise our fists. When looking at candidates, who truly have our best interest at heart and can actually make these changes we so desperately need, it’s only right that we show up and show out for the candidate that wants to serve the BlPOC community. To keep this article as non partisan as possible, I also want to comment towards Joe Biden’s plan for Black America, which acknowledges the centuries of racial inequalities and promotes Black business. It is important to read up on the policies that each candidate proposes to the American people before voting- and yes even for Kanye. 

Women are second to minorities who do not believe their vote matters. So many women fought for the historical gains which lead to Suffrage and Women’s Voting Rights. As a Black woman on campus, I would encourage that we too, look to see who can help us gain equality in the workplace, obtain higher education, and eliminate stereotypes of women and mothers.

 As we face the COVID-19 pandemic, BLM protesting, and  now the election. Our country is at a divide, and no matter how you vote, hopefully, you keep in mind the treatment of different racial and ethnicity groups, climate change, and how this election can serve you and make you a better person. We have the choice to move forward, to beat this pandemic, and change world views. What do you choose for yourself?

So, what are you waiting for? GET OUT AND VOTE!!!

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