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“The Boys”

Superheros, comedy, action, and gore, what’s not to love? The Boys has it all and is now one of the greatest hits on Amazon Prime Video. This series had a great debut in 2019 and has come back again in 2020 better than before, and now with further plans to move ahead. Based on the comic books of the same name by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis, it explores the idea of if there were real-life superheroes they wouldn’t be as noble as they are seen on the big screens. The Supes as they are called are more powerful than anyone before them and what’s stopping them from abusing their powers for some shady stuff.

The show follows this major corporation known as Vought that were behind the creation of these super-powered heroes, and the creation of the team named The Seven, they profit off movies and merchandise of these heroes and are working their way to political control. The Supes put on a nice smile in front of crowds but behind the scenes they aren’t all that nice. But who’s to stop them when they get out of hand? That’s where the boys come in, a group of vigilantes who take things into their own hands and try to stop the Supes from wreaking havoc.

Season one showed the creation of the vigilante team and some of their motives behind stopping The Seven. Hughie, played by Jack Quaid lost someone he cared about to a Supe which leads him to meet Bill Butcher, played by Karl Urban the man who takes charge in the fight against The Seven. Antony Starr plays the antagonist Homelander, who is similar in superpower to a Superman but a very evil and narcissistic character. Starr does a fantastic portrayal of this character and his Homelander is the definition of a villain you love to hate. 

Season two keeps up with the same momentum as is premiered September 4, 2020, and just aired their season finale. The new big bad Stormfront played by Aya Cash, showed how worse these Supes could get. The Boys have great character development for both the Supes and the Boys and there is more for the show to discover in the next season to come.

As for the future of The Boys, the showrunners have already spoken about some news about the third season and possible spinoffs. Due to how season two ended we are far from done with Vought’s devilish plans and have to rely on the Boys for further seasons. Season three will begin filming in early 2021 and introduce the “Captain America” Supe named Soldier Boy and he will be played by Jensen Ackles from Supernatural. Along with this news, there was also an announcement of a spinoff series following an American college exclusively for young superheroes, but no details on when this will be released.

The Boys is truly addicting because of the excitement for what comes next, there are plenty of twists and turns, especially one that plays a pivotal role at the end of season two. Overall the show includes a bit for everyone and successfully kept the same humor, violence, and action that made this show popular.

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