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Mod Scheduling: How Did it Go?

With the first round of finals for this new mod schedule fast approaching, if not already in full effect, the question is, really: how did the mod schedule go for you?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as we all know by this point, the administration decided to move forward with a mod schedule in which students were to have taken two seven-week courses at a time rather than four fourteen-week courses in case we have to leave campus again due to a rise in cases. This shift theoretically sets up a better environment to deep-dive into a few select topics within the subject rather than going over a wide variety of topics, A.K.A depth rather than breadth. While a good idea in theory, there seems to be a negative opinion amongst the student body about the nature of this scheduling. A very negative opinion, actually.

            When reaching out to ask about the mod schedule, many fellow Beloiters came back with criticisms about the new schedule. One student, Paige Clark, told me “Bro I do not like the mod system. I feel like we aren’t getting the education we paid for because everything is so rushed. I’d rather have a semester with 4 classes.” Several others who did not wish to be named or quoted had similar sentiments: that the mod system rushes everything to a point that they feel like they’re not really learning anything. Seven weeks is not a lot of time for a class that was supposed to be twice as long, even when our wonderful professors have tried their hardest to make sure they can fit everything they feel is the most important for us to take away from the classes in. Somewhere along the way, students feel like the depth and the breadth of their classes are being sacrificed for the pandemic-forged, flexible mod scheduling.

            Personally, I also share this same sentiment and I sympathized with my classmates. I think the only positive I find in the mod schedule is that I found it easier to focus in my dorm room where I felt more comfortable and safer than in a classroom or back at home across the country—though this feeling of comfort and safety is more due to the pandemic than anything else—the thought of being in a classroom is a little daunting right now even with everyone doing an amazing job of following COVID safety procedures, and the mod schedule allows for more flexibility to decide how to come to class for the day.

            This pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, and our education is no different. The mod schedule being born out of necessity due to the pandemic doesn’t necessarily make it good—sometimes we just have to choose the best option out of a handful of poor scenarios. One day, we’ll be able to go back to our normal 14-week class schedule and this semester and the next will be a memory and a testament of our resilience and adaptability as students at Beloit.

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