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This semester Beloit College launched its very own movie streaming service for students and this allows them access to view films from the dorm room. A recent email from Ryan Shamp at Reslife gave details about Beloit’s newest addition. Reslife has partnered up with Swank and has formed a contract for this streaming service. Swank was originally used by SEAL to license the films that would be later showed for First Friday Flick hosted by SEAL monthly. Now has given licensing to several movies to Beloit College and all can be enjoyed simply from your computer screen or however you like to watch.

There are many different genres and a variety of movies to choose from on the website, from action to westerns you will find something for you. Sure some films on here are some that are also on regular streaming services but there are some available that harder to come by. Some of the films on the service also have their sequels or completely collection, such as the Harry Potter series and John Wicks trilogy. As of now, there are 200 plus more titles to choose from and many more are being added.

If you are not finding a film you want to see or there is a movie in mind that you haven’t seen in forever, you could recommend movies to be placed on the streaming service. The request form could be found in the first email detailing the service. All you have to do is put your name, the movie you want to watch, and a brief description or statement on why fellow peers should watch the film. From there they will have to see if the requested film can be streamed and there are no licensing problems. If you choose your statement could be mentioned as the school sends out emails regarding which films have just been added, so you could help out other students not knowing what to watch decide more easily.

Last week SEAL set up a station in commons where they handed out goodie bags of treats for the release of this new service. A nice gesture for students to utilize Beloit College Cinema and snack at the same time. While you are in your room with no plans on the weekend or just want a break from studying go check out what is featured on the Beloit College Cinema.

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