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Daily Archives: October 5, 2020

NHL and the Stanley Cup Finals

The National Hockey League restarted and ended without making any major headline news in the sports world. The NHL’s plan to restart was strongly backed up by the fans, players and organizations. Through long conversations and weighing all options the NHL decided what the best

Who the Buc are you?

This week, I sat down with Sophia Papas, a freshman from Chicago who is continuing her volleyball career at Beloit College. As a student at DePaul College Prep, her introduction into the sport started at age 7, when she was also an active member of

What to Do With Friends While We’re On Code Yellow

With the pandemic raging on, Beloit College is currently on a Code Yellow. This means that in-person meetings are highly discouraged. However, humans are social creatures—interacting with each other is vital for our mental health and wellbeing, so we naturally want to do so. However,

What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room

Welcome to week three of What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room! This week, I decided to review a sitcom, a drama series, and a comedy film. I really wanted to cover a wide spectrum of TV and film this week, and here is

Beloit College Cinema

This semester Beloit College launched its very own movie streaming service for students and this allows them access to view films from the dorm room. A recent email from Ryan Shamp at Reslife gave details about Beloit’s newest addition. Reslife has partnered up with Swank

Inspiring Actions: Arts & Antiracism

The term “artistic talent” is something that many of us have heard, either in the context of ourselves or that of another. The Art Channel’s definition of that term is very simple: the expressions of one’s thoughts, beliefs and true self. This may take its