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What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room

If you found last week’s What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room helpful, then you will be pleased to know that The Round Table has decided to make this a weekly column! Every week I will recommend two television shows and one motion picture. Let’s get to it!

The Middle 

For those that enjoy sitting down after a long day and turning on a nice, wholesome family sitcom, The Middle will be your new obsession. Throughout nine seasons worth of half-hour episodes, you will follow the lives of the Hecks, an average American family. The Heck family consists of five members. There is the stressed out mother, Frankie, apathetic father, Mike, their eldest son Axl, peppy daughter, Sue, and their eccentric youngest son, Brick. 

The name of the series derives from the fact that the Hecks are a middle class family living in Middle America. The conflicts in the series are all comfortingly realistic for those who hail from middle class families. While the Heck family is slightly dysfunctional, their love and strong bonds are what make for such a wholesome series. 

The Middle is comedy, and is in the same category as shows like Modern Family. The Middle is certainly the best example of a realistic American family on television. Their house is in need of some fixing up (which they never do get around to), the children are always bickering, money is always particularly tight, and finally, the family takes joy in the simple things in life (such as watching TV together as a unit). 

You can find The Middle in its entirety on Hulu. The series is rated PG, and ran from 2009 until 2018. 

Fear Thy Neighbor

Have you ever had an awful experience with a neighbor? Did it end in murder? Probably not. Unfortunately, for the folks in Fear Thy Neighbor, it did. This chilling true crime series will leave you questioning the intentions of your neighbors for years to come.

Fear Thy Neighbor has been airing on the Investigation Discovery channel since its premiere in 2014. Each 30-minute episode chronicles a different true crime case regarding conflict between neighbors that resulted in one or more fatalities. Witnesses, survivors, and suspects all offer testimonials, while the events of their anecdotes are reenacted by actors. The reenactments are not the cheesy, poorly performed ones that we are accustomed to seeing on crime shows. Fear Thy Neighbor delivers some strong, satisfying reenactments of the events leading up to the crimes at hand. Despite the premise of the series, it does not feature very much gore. 

Fear Thy Neighbor is six seasons long and is rated TV-14. If you are interested in watching Fear Thy Neighbor, you can find it on the Investigation Discovery channel, or you can stream it through Hulu. 

Call Me By Your Name

Based on the 2007 novel by Andre Aciman, Call Me By Your Name is the story of intellectual teenager Elio and graduate student Oliver, whom Elio’s family is hosting over the summer of 1983. Over the summer, Elio and Oliver become romantically involved with each other, but are forced to keep their rendezvous a secret, as they — like many LGBTQ+ folks — are nervous to face the consequences of being divergent within a heteronormative society. The novel is written from Elio’s perspective, so much of it takes place within his thoughts. The 2017 film interpreted the book masterfully! Call Me By Your Name is my favorite book, and though the film is very true to the source material, I still recommend reading the book first.

The stars of this film are Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer. Their chemistry is undeniable! The passion between Chalamet and Hammer is palpable from the second their characters first meet. Casting those two actors was an excellent call, as they truly bring the story of Elio and Oliver to life. Chalamet and Hammer make you laugh, swoon, and even cry throughout this 132 minute film. 

An important thing to recognize about Call Me By Your Name is that it is no average romance film. When broken down to its core, Call Me By Your Name is a story about identity rather than attraction. LGBTQ+ identity is not the only identity category that the film deals with. Elio and Oliver are both Jewish, bisexual, and value intellect above all else. Two other major facets of Elio’s identity are his passion (and aptitude) for music, as well as the fact that he is an American teenager living in Italy. 

The story that Call Me By Your Name tells is so poetic and moving that watching it once will never be enough. There is something new to learn and unpack each time you watch it. The cinematography is stunning as well! Since the movie was filmed in Italy, it is quite easy to get lost in the scenery while watching. 

Call Me By Your Name is rated R. It is available on DVD and Blu-Ray, and can also be rented or purchased on YouTube. 


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