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Daily Archives: September 29, 2020

Horoscopes for the week of 9/28

Aries – It’s been easy for you to feel overwhelmed lately, and you’re lacking your usual outlets to let off some steam. Don’t stress, good things are on their way! Put your mask on and find a reason to celebrate with a friend (six feet

Review: I’m Thinking About Ending Things

Written and Directed by Charlie Kaufman this film dives into the concept of time throughout different parts of our lives. Kaufman took a stab at adapting the 2016 novel by Paul Reid onto the big screen or the little screen due to it only being

What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room

If you found last week’s What To Watch While Stuck In Your Room helpful, then you will be pleased to know that The Round Table has decided to make this a weekly column! Every week I will recommend two television shows and one motion picture.


Welcome to the Black Students United column. This is one of many ways we will take up space on campus, and in our community. We will continue to take up space as long as we are forced to live in a world where racism, colonialism,

Meet Writing Center Tutor: Helen Griffin

The Round Table met with Helen Griffin over Zoom to discuss remote tutoring, Writing Center golf, and Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction.  Round Table: To quote Round Table sports columnists, “who the buc” are you? Helen Griffin: I am a senior. This is my third year