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Who the Buc are you?

The Round Table sat down with a sophomore on the men’s basketball team

RT: Who are you?

DA: Dylan Ackermann.

RT: Where are you from?

DA: Just south of San Francisco, California.

RT: How long have you been playing basketball?

DA: Probably since I was 4. My dad was a big Lakers fan, who were coming off the Shaq and Kobe era, so basketball was always around in my house.

RT: What are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

DA: Right now we’re optimistic about it. Just because there is zero idea on what is going to happen. All we can do is just stay ready so when we are allowed to play, we are ready.

RT: Why Beloit?

DA: I just felt like I needed to get out of California. Also I wanted an opportunity to play basketball. And the education is really good too.

RT: What do you enjoy most about Beloit College?

DA: Getting to play basketball with a good group of guys, and gaining life long brothers.

RT: What career do you want to pursue with this education?

DA: Ultimately I want to be a sports agent. 

RT: How busy is juggling school and sports at the college level?

DA: A lot of us compare it to having a job. Just with all of the hours you have to put towards basketball and school. And just trying to find the common balance between both. 

RT: How was that adjustment for you?

DA: It wasn’t hard, it was just different. The amount of free time you have during the day allowed me to pick and choose when and what I wanted to do. Like either get school done during the day and the hoop at night or the other way around. 

RT: Any pregame superstitions?

DA: I always drank two packets of vitamin C and took a hot shower, usually.

RT: How do you spend free time on campus?

DA: Hanging out with the guys, playing video games, tournaments.

RT: It is hard being away from your family and friends for so long?

DA: Yeah. At first it was hard just not being able to see your parents after being with them every day for the 18 years of your life. The longer I was away the more I appreciated what they did for me over the years. Like cook for you, have laundry done, things are always clean and just other stuff like that. Things you don’t really think about.

RT: How was the weather adjustment from California to Wisconsin?

DA: Horrible, I guess. I’ve never lived in snow before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I do like it though. My least favorite part is I never know how to dress. 

RT: How has dorm life been treating you?

DA: It’s good, obviously it’s easier if you have a roommate who shares the same interests as me, we were both basketball players. I was glad I wasn’t on my own my freshman year because you could get lonesome. So it was good to always have someone there.

RT: Do you believe in any conspiracy theories?

DA: Tupac is alive. Somewhere in the Bahamas chilling. I also think aliens are real.

RT: Best movie you’ve seen recently and why?

DA: The King Staten Island with Pete Davidson. He’s a comedian and I never knew his whole story. And he still lives in the basement of his mom’s house. I also really like the director, his movies are always really funny and good.

RT: If you could have lunch with any 3 people, who and why?

DA: Kobe Bryant, favorite basketball player of all time, kinda the reason I started playing. Will Smith, I love Will Smith, every movie he is in– it’s hilarious. Steve Jobs just because of how much I use my phone, I would thank him.


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