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Talking About What We Missed While Away

Hello Beloiters! 

As we return to campus for the fall semester, we all have something we miss. In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of things that we can’t enjoy for the time being, like Wall Parties, seeing each other’s smiles, and sitting in Commons on a cold evening with friends. However, these are not the only things that Beloiters have missed from being on campus! A few students have expressed to me what they missed from being on campus when we closed in March due to the pandemic.

One student, Erin Gallagher, writes “I personally missed seeing people physically on & around campus! I know it seems silly, but after working on campus since March and only witnessing a very quiet and empty Beloit the last 6 months, it made my heart happy to see (masked 😊) people walking around and hanging out in the quad again! Beloit wasn’t really Beloit without all of the amazing people that it was missing! ” 

I love that energy, Erin! It is so refreshing to be back on campus and to see people walking around! Let’s all stay masked and socially distanced to make sure we can get through the semester without having to leave due to a surge in cases. It’s all of our responsibilities to make sure we try our best to slow the spread of COVID-19 and make it so we can have more positive experiences with the people we care about the most here on Beloit College’s campus.

Another student named Danny Mrzena, wrote “I missed the bell, the church bell in all of the silence, hearing that bell ring has been a signature of being at beloit for me. Just being able to walk around and see everyone for that experience to be stapled into my memory with the ringing of that bell”

The church bell that rings every 15 minutes on campus is very important for Danny, and while others may have different opinions as to what is their own signature of being at Beloit, I think that the reliability of the bell is very comforting during a time where everything is very uncertain and scary. Even when nothing else is going right or the way we expected it to, we can at least know the bell is going to ring every 15 minutes, always one minute off from the actual time.

The last student who offered their opinion of what they missed the most on campus is Sydney Ortiz, who wrote “the freekin radio station. bay bee!!”

The freekin radio station indeed! WBCR is back and I for one am hoping that we can all tune in and hear some amazing returning talent as well as some new fresh faces! Be sure to tune into the radio now and again to hear what jams they’re playing and other fun exciting content!

Now that we’ve been back on campus for a few weeks, I’m sure that everyone has something that they missed on campus, no matter how big or small, that they may not even realized they have missed. I for one didn’t realize how much I missed having my own closet until I moved back onto campus!

We’ve started the semester off on a pretty great foot, let’s keep it that way! There have been some cases on campus, but I’m sure that with proper social distancing and masking, we can make sure that the cases stay low and we stay safe on campus.


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