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Stay Strong and Stay Safe, Beloit

In light of recent protest events happening around the country, The Round Table would like to provide information regarding safe protest practices for students who have attended or are planning to attend these protests. While we do not encourage unlawful or destructive behavior, we recognize that peaceful protests do not always stay peaceful, and would like to ensure that Beloit students have the necessary information to remain safe. To the Black Community in Beloit and across America, we at The Round Table hear you, we see you, and we are sorry our country has allowed this injustice to continue for far too long.

If You are Attending a Protest Event:

What to Bring: Medical supplies, water, and food. While it is intended that protests stay peaceful, that does not always happen. Even if you don’t think the situation will turn violent, first aid supplies can be useful if you run into someone who has been injured. Bring phone chargers and make sure your device stays charged in the case that emergency contact for yourself or others is needed.

What to Wear: clothing that will cover and protect your skin, face mask and sturdy walking shoes. Make sure you are practicing safe distancing as much as possible and wear a face mask. This will not only protect you and others from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but might also serve as protection from any chemicals released from tear gas. your event becomes unsafe, you will need to exit the area as quickly as possible without panicking, so study shoes are necessary.

Travel With a Group: There is safety in numbers. Have a group of people you trust to help if you are injured. In the case that you or one of them is arrested, somebody will know where you are and can relay information to friends and family. 

If You Are Exposed to Tear Gas: Exit the scene as quickly and calmly as possible. Rinse eyes and clothing with cold water and face the wind, as this can help remove remaining chemicals. Do not wear contacts to avoid trapping tear gas.

If You Cannot attend and Would Like to Take Action:

Make Signs: If you are a natural writer and like to create things, make signs! These get photographed and shared all over social media, so it’s a great way to spread awareness.

Look Out: If you enjoy researching and staying informed, keep an eye out for constant updates on the situation to relay to those on the streets. If you know an area is unsafe, spread the word. 

Help Clean Up: These protests can be messy, even destructive. Bring some garbage bags out and start picking things up if you feel safe doing so. Otherwise, the clean-up efforts fall on city workers and local business owners who may be just returning to work and maybe struggling to return to business due to the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Donate: There are a variety of organizations collecting donations to provide bail for arrested protesters as well as provide safety supplies and legal representation. Below are links to these organizations. Look for donation bundles of people in your community that you know and trust if you are not able to donate your supplies yourself.

Chicago Bond Fund

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund (GoFundMe)

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Black Visions Collective

Free Them All For Public Health

Los Angeles Chapter of Black Lives Matter

Support Black-owned businesses: Here’s a link to online Black businesses that you can support remotely and also look for Black-owned restaurants that are doing takeout during the pandemic. Be mindful of businesses that are right in your community. 

Black and Bold Coffee (tea and coffee)

PurHome (home products)

Ginger + Liz (nail polish)

CamilleRose (curl product)

Beauty Bakerie (cruelty free cosmetics) 

Melanie Marie (jewelry) 

Nubian Skin (lingerie)

Uoma Beauty (makeup)

Camera Lights

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