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Senior on the Street: Sophia Townsend

The Round Table sat down with Beloit College’s own Sophia Townsend to get a glimpse into the life of a senior on campus.

Round Table: What’s your major?

Sophia Townsend: I am a psychology and critical identities studies double major.

RT: What are you involved in on campus?

ST: So many things. I’ve been involved in Theta Pi Gamma since my freshman year, I am the manager of WBCR, and now I just work a lot. I am an amateur tattoo artist and I give a lot of people tattoos. You may have seen some of my work; I do a lot of ass tats. Hit me up at Semi-Pro Pokes if you want a tattoo. That’s how I make my money, so that would be awesome.

RT: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever tattooed on someone?

ST: Probably the Communist symbol on someone’s ass. It was pretty awesome.

RT: What do you do for your role as manager for WBCR?

ST:  I’m a co-manager with Evan Shepard. It’s a lot of administrative work, so we’re in charge of running the meetings, setting the agenda, and coming up with ideas for projects we want to do. We have to make sure everything in the radio station is working properly. We also like to do fun things on the side like WBCR Fest.

RT: Is there going to be another WBCR Fest?

ST: Fuck yeah! It’s going to be just as weird and sexy and scary as the last one. We’re bringing bands and big horny energy, slime, goo, grease, boogers, toenails. All the things that make you feel hungry in your tummy. The theme is to be announced.

RT: What’s your favorite movie?

ST: I don’t have a favorite because I watch so many movies, but one that I’d like to recommend is Art School Confidential. I watched it the other night and I’m kind of obsessed. It basically breaks down all the art school stereotypes and makes fun of it. It’s a funny movie with dark humor from the early 2000’s with lots of famous actors. It has the lady who plays Shane in The L Word making a quick appearance. For all my lesbians out there, it’s kind of awesome.

RT: Would you say you’re more Jemaine or Bret from Flight of the Conchords?

ST: I always identified more with Bret, but I think I am a Jermaine because Bret falls into success with everything and always gets these sexy ladies and doesn’t try or care. In my opinion, he’s the better looking one. Then Jermaine is more like, “Why isn’t it me?” and I kind of identify with that. I like to think I’m a Bret, but I’m actually a Jermaine.

RT: What’s your favorite local place to eat?

ST: I really love a good El Neno moment. They have good queso, burritos, and tacos. Everybody loves that place. But if I’m feeling saucy like I want to spend some money, I might go down to Zen.

RT: Describe your dream vacation.

ST: Here’s the thing: I have two sides of me. One side is the trashy side that really wants to go on a cruise. My dream is that me and Hana Hassanpourgol will go on a cruise together because I think we’d be really good at it. When you go on a cruise, you just have to be like, “I will be trash. I will do trashy things. I will wear an oversized Hawaiian shirt, drink those blue little cocktails, eat really shitty food, and just be dumb for a little bit.” To me, a cruise is just a mall on the ocean. A mall that is also a boat. That’s a really sexy concept for me. But my classy side would love to go to the town from Call Me by Your Name and just chill out there pretending I’m in that movie for a little bit. I’d drink delicious wines and eat delicious foods and not speak any Italian because I’m illiterate.

RT: If you were any Greek god or goddess, which would you be?

ST: Probably Cupid or Eros because he’s one of the love gods. He’s a cute little baby with wings and a diaper. That’s kind of how I feel- like a baby who’s obsessed with love. I’m always trying to shoot people with the arrows and missing. If anyone wants to get poked by my love arrow hit me up. I’m very single, very ready to mingle. I’m so lonely. I have been single for four years *cries softly*. I’m ready to do something casual, I’m ready to get married, I’m ready to get divorced. I’m ready to elope tomorrow. But yeah would be Cupid.

RT: Does campus ever feel too small after being here for a fourth year?

ST: It does, but at the same time there are so many buildings that I’ve never even been in. I want to make it my goal before I leave to go inside all of the buildings. It’s shocking when you go to other schools and they’re so big. 

RT: What do you like most about Beloit?

ST: I like all the hidden culture that’s everywhere. A lot of it is being erased by an administration that wants to have a clean slate for new students, which is really sad. But there is a lot of awesome culture here and I get to discover it every day by working at WBCR. I always find a new piece of paper or photo from the past of Beloit College students just doing crazy shit and being weirdos and freaks. The stuff that’s written on the walls and records in WBCR is really cool to me. There’s a lot of hidden gems of the past, which is a unique part of the campus.

RT: What do you like least?

ST: Not to shade anybody, but it sometimes feels like the students are the ones who have to do everything. I think there is some really competent administration, but sometimes it’s really left on the shoulders of the students to run everything and make sure everything goes smoothly. I don’t think this is necessarily anyone’s fault because a lot of people are kind of thrown into these positions of power and then don’t know what to do. I think what I hate is a feeling of incompetence. It sucks because we’re here to learn, not to be in control of everything. Also the lack of street fashion. We should be treating this like New York, dressed to the nines every day, looking sexy. I say this as I’m wearing a camo hoodie with the hood up all day long.

RT: Do you peel or bite into string cheese?

ST: I peel- I have to. It tastes bad if you just bite into it because it’s a different mouth sensation. It’s a different taste. Something about the peeling releases the flavors. It’s like when you pour wine, you have to swirl it around in the glass. 

RT: Who’s your style icon?

ST: There are some really awesome people on this campus that inspire me. Hana Hassanpourgol is an awesome style icon. She’s always looking fly. There’s a really awesome Instagram called NYC Looks that has crazy, cooky looks that people put together. It very much inspires me to do even crazier looks. I always say my style is “stupid chic,” because it’s silly and people laugh at it, but it’s also kind of sexy. 

RT: What’s something wild you want to do on the campus before you graduate?

ST: I have never fucked in any of the buildings that are not dorms. Everybody always talks about fucking in the Science Center and I have never done this. I would love to fuck in the Powerhouse. You know how when a ship sets sail, you have to smash a glass of champagne? Well, we all have to fuck in the Powerhouse. Otherwise, it’s not a real building. 

RT: Any final words for the fans?

ST: For all those who have been following me in my journey through life, I heart you. To all my haters, you did not stop me from doing my thing. Peace, love, unity, respect. To me, that is awesome.

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